Monday, October 31, 2022

Every Day is a Spa Day When you Treat Yourself To Aromatherapy Scent-Infused Socks from Aromasoles by MinxNY (Review)

Disclosure: I was sent a sample from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

Halloween is a favorite holiday in our house for two reasons -- the girls love dressing up and going trick or treating, and I love it because once the candy is sorted and the girls and husband are in bed, I get to stay up and kick off my holiday season with binging a couple Christmas movies on Hallmark, while working my holiday gift guide blogging.  Yes, I know it is a little early and we haven't even had Thanksgiving yet. But, in the blogging world, I started prepping for my gift guide, which is my 12th annual this year, back in July.  And, in September and early October I started to prep my editorial calendar and waited for review samples to come in to start writing. Now, I am in the midst of everything, and it is only fitting to get into the holiday spirit, as my head is in the holiday shopping mindset and gift giving for my work.  So, tonight after the girls are done with their Halloween fun, I plan to put on one of my favorite holiday flannel pajamas and some cozy socks, and put my feet up, while I sip hot chocolate, write some blog posts, and watch holiday movies -- can't get any better than that! :-)

Thanks to a recent sample sent my way, I will be indulging in a new pair of Aromasoles by MinxNY.  They were kind enough to send me two pairs of their aromatherapy scent-infused slipper socks recently, and I have been holding off to wear them until tonight.  

I have been smelling the rose and lavender fragrances for the past week, every time I walked into my office, as sachets for each slipper sock set comes with a cute little essential oil infused sachet for you to put in your sock drawer.  I really like the way MinxNY packages their aromatherapy scent-infused sock sets, with this little extra sachet. It really makes for a nice touch.  And, as I was reading the packaging I saw that with each and every purchase, a portion of the sale goes to charity.  It is always nice when you can make a purchase for a gift or for your family, and the business you order from donates to charity - it makes you feel: good knowing you are helping others with your purchase.  And, if you register with the MinxNY website and place an order, you will also receive a FREE gift with every order. So, it is a win win for everyone -- charities are helped with donations made from your purchase, and you score a free gift!  

Here is more about Aromasoles by MinxNY:

"Aromasoles by MinxNY are a line of aromatherapy scent-infused slipper socks infused with fragrances like lavender, rose, cinnamon, and neroli. There are even bourbon infused slipper socks for men!"

You can see all Aromasoles socks at the MinxNY website here.


Like I mentioned above, I was sent samples for review, and have been looking forward to slipping on Lavender & Shea Infused Velvet Socks tonight when I settle in to blog and watch some Christmas movies.  I really like how you they offer single and 2-pair slipper sock options, as you can't have enough slipper socks. And, once you slip your feet into these socks and experience the calming, soothing and moisturizing benefits of the lavender and shea infused in each socks, you will want to have another pair on hand when you have to throw your favorite Aromasoles socks in the wash.

In addition to the Lavender & Shea Infused Velvet Socks, I was also sent a pair of Rose & Shea Butter infused lounge socks.  These premium quality sequin speckled lounge socks not only provide the ultimate comfort, but also help to purify and moisturize your feet while you wear them, relaxing around the house this holiday season and during the winter months, when our feet deserve a little extra pampering after a long day on our feet.  I, for one, love wearing slipper socks, any time of year, but especially in the winter months, as I have Raynaud's and lack circulation to my hands and feet.  So, I have to be extra careful to keep my extremities covered and warm, if not I chance getting frostbite.  While I have held off on wearing the lavender and shea infused velvet slipper socks for tonight, I did indulge and have been wearing the rose and shea butter infused lounge socks.  These lounge socks are really well made, and are thick.  The insides are lined with 100% polyester, and definitely keep your feet toasty warm.  

I have worn homemade knitted lounge socks that my mom and friends have gifted me in the past...but, they are nothing like these Aromasoles by MinxNY.  These lounge socks are truly luxurious in the appearance and feel, and you will see this not only with this particular Aromasoles sock, but with all the socks available from MinxNY.  That is why I am so excited for tonight, as I get to slip on another comfy pair of Aromasoles, sip my cocoa and get into the holiday spirit.  With the holidays fast approaching, why not join me in getting a jump start on your holiday shopping by heading over to the Aromasoles by MinxNY website and browsing their selection of aromatherapy scent-infused slipper socks for both men and women.  Shh, I bought my husband a pair of the Men's Non-Skid 2 Tone Slipper Socks, Bourbon Oil Infused.  

He has been eying my lounge socks and kept asking if they came in men's sizes, as he really liked the aromatherapy infused feature, and could tell that these lounge socks were comfy.  Winter is the only time of year my husband likes to wear lounge socks, especially after coming in from shoveling snow and wanting to warm up his feet.  So, I know he will be excited come Christmas morning when he finds a pair of Aromasoles by MinxNY under the tree for him.  And, my girls will also be happy to find a 2-pack of slipper socks in their stockings. It will be like spa day, every day, in our house come Christmas, once everyone has their own Aromasoles by MinxNY slipper socks to wear. :-)

I am seeing so many of their slipper socks options for women selling out on their website, so don't delay in ordering your Aromasoles by MinxNY slipper socks today. You can check all the different design options here:

Disclosure: I was sent a sample from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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