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Create a Pampering Basket, Complete with Liberation Nails Nail Polish, For Your Tween/Teen This Holiday Season (Review) #liberationcolorforall #nontoxic #nailpolishaddicts

Disclosure: I was sent samples from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

This morning I woke up to my youngest daughter yelling from the living room, to her sister upstairs, that there are only 57 more days until Christmas.  She saw a commercial on television for one of the many hot toys for the holiday season, and then had to ask Alexa how many days left until Christmas.  Don't you wish at times that Alexa would just not answer you when your kids ask her questions?  Not only did this rile up the dog, but then my oldest hopped out of bed and came down to flip through the gift guide which happened to arrive that morning with the mail and caught my daughters' eyes.  Thankfully, we are at the tween stage where they are not really into toys anymore, so I don't have to worry about figuring out a way to get my hands on the hot and hard to come by toys that drop near the holidays.  But, then again, it also makes it a little bit more challenging to come up with gifts that my girls will not only be surprised to find under the tree, but ultimately use and enjoy. So much money was wasted on must have toys when they were little, that were played with a handful of times, and then found their way to the toy bin, or a corner of the house, never to be played with again.  I was like so many parents, saying to myself that this Christmas season I would not go crazy stressing over gifts for them when they were little, and then finding myself running here there and everywhere for those last minute toy requests.  Well, this year, things will be different, as the girls now understand the true meaning of Christmas and know about Santa.  So, they plan to be more considerate when they put together their wish lists, knowing who does the actual shopping and purchasing. 

Like I said, it is really hard to shop for tweens and teens especially. I have struggled the past couple years to find the perfect birthday and holiday gifts for them that they can enjoy now and for some time to come. I have one daughter who is a girly girl and loves all things makeup and jewelry; my other daughter wants no part in that, but is all about technology and gadgets.  So, when I started to put together my gift ideas for my 12th annual holiday gift guide for my blog, I wanted to make a point to highlight great finds that would make for the perfect gift ideas for this age group.  With that being said, I wanted to share about Liberation Nails, and their wonderful line of nail polishes for women and kids.

The kind folks at Liberation Nails sent along a few samples of their Libbi Kids nail polish for my daughters and I to try out.  As soon as my youngest daughter saw me looking at the nail polish, she dropped what she was doing and came right over.  She was quick to call dips on two of the three nail polishes, saying they would be perfect to use with an online nail art class she is taking.  I knew, and she knew, though, that I would be letting her keep the samples -- if and only if she would share her honest thoughts on them.  So, after her schoolwork was done, she retreated to her room with her new Liberation Nails nail polish to try them out.

What drew to me Liberation Nails and made me want to reach out and ask for samples for review and inclusion in my holiday gift guide, is that these nail polishes each tell a story.  They are also made with non-toxic ingredients that are naturally nourishing, have formulas that are long-lasting, and are also vegan and 21-free. Another great thing about Liberation Nails is that the brand is driven by sustainability - from their packaging to their practices.  I was touched by the creator's story about how her product line and company came about. You can read it yourself here:  She went from grieving and healing after the loss of her beloved mom to cancer, to creating a product that provides joy and allows for creative expression for others.  Stories like this really make me want to support and do anything I can to get their products in front of those who may otherwise never stumble upon on.

My daughter loved trying out the different Liberation Nails nail polishes that were sent our way.  She especially loved the 90's kid neon green color, and said it would definitely have people stopping to take notice of her painted nails. :-)  

My oldest daughter was quick to ask to try New Friend nail polish, which was a cool blue color.  Even though she is not big into nail polish, she was attracted to the nail polish because of their flashy and playful colors.  

Once the girls were done painting their nails, they surprised me and gave me a manicure.  By the time they were done, my nails were like a rainbow of colors and I was told by my girls that I was finally hip and cool. :-)

Now that my girls have experienced the Libbi Kids line, they are both now wanting to try some of the more "tame" colors from the main Liberation Nails line.  My youngest has her eyes on the following colors - infinite ceiling, storm proof and joyful heart, while my oldest really likes 4th dimension and darling.  

If you have a tween/teen who you are finding it hard to shop for at the holidays, and who like fashion, doing their nails, wearing makeup and the works, I highly recommend you check out Liberation Nails.  At only $18 a bottle for the adult line of nail polish, and $14 a bottle for the Libbi Kids line, you can't go wrong with this nail polish. 

Pick up a few and throw in their stockings. Or, add a handful of new nail polish colors to a basket, and add in a nail art tool set, some nail polish remover, and fun pampering goodies for a fun gift idea.  I am planning to do a pampering basket for each of my girls, and will be adding their color requests, as well as a few of my favorites (in hopes they want to give me another manicure) to the mix.  To learn more about Liberation Nails and browse their amazing selection of nail polish colors for adults (and kids), head on over to  

Disclosure: I was sent samples from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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