Wednesday, August 3, 2022

The Best Outdoor Activities That Will Get Your Child Moving

We all know that to keep our children fit and healthy we need to encourage them to spend more time moving their bodies and out of doors, and less time in front of a screen. However, this is often easier said than done, especially when video games and social media come into the picture. The good news is that by suggesting one of the many outdoor activities below you can almost guarantee a resounding ‘yes’ to the question ‘shall we go outside? Read on to find out what they are. 

Water fights 

One of the best outdoor activities of all time has to be a water fight! It's just the thing on a sunny or warm day, as it not only encourages your kids to get active but helps them cool down at the same time! 

There are lots of ways you can organize a water fight too, from using water pistols like Supersoakers, to relying on water balloons. Even buckets of water will do the job in a pinch. 

You may even wish to use the hose, or get a child-safe sprinkler that means they can play in the water for extended periods. Just be sure to go over water, and run in the water safely with your kids before you begin. 

Riding bikes 

Cycling is another fun way to get the kids out of doors and active. Although to get the most benefit out of this activity they will need to have a bicycle that is the right size for them. 

Once you have that sorted (and added stabilizers for the little ones) you can decide whether the kids will ride their bikes around the garden, or if you will all go out on a ride as a family. 

If you are concerned about safety, you can even get bikes for kids that attach to the back of yours so you will know where your child is at all times. 


Another way to encourage the kids to get outside and active is to take them foraging. Foraging is an activity where you look for edible items that are growing naturally in the location you are walking through. It's often done in forests, or in rural wilder areas where natural food sources grow independently. 

The great thing about foraging is that it can ignite your child's interest in both food and botany, and it can teach them about the importance of safety when eating wild food as well. Not to mention all the walking they will get in as they search for blackberries, and hazelnuts. 

You can even arrange for them to go on guided walks with experts that can teach them all about what is safe to pick and eat and what isn't. 


While we are on the subject of botany, gardening is also a great activity that will get the kids outside, and move their bodies. Indeed, gardening can be pretty hard work, because it involves lots of bending and digging! 

Of course, just like foraging, gardening can also help spark your child’s interest in being outside, and where their food comes from. All of which will stand them in good stead as they grow and mature. 



If your child loves a treasure hunt, geocaching is the ideal way to encourage them to spend more time active and outside. Geocaching is an activity where you are given the coordinates of a hidden cache, that you then have to find and open. 

Some caches are pretty easy to find, while others are devilishly hidden in especially camouflage boxes designed to blend in with their environment. Of course, your kids will delight in getting into the mindset, and deciphering where the cache is hidden while rooting around in the undergrowth! 

You can often find geocaches along established walking routes, and even fit two or three searches into a single route at a time. Inside there is typically a log book where you can record the date and time you found it and sometimes there are small objects that can be claimed and then redistributed into the next geocache you find. 

Den making 

Chances are that you have fond memories from your old childhood of making a den or tree house out of doors. Why not relive that experience with your child and help them build an outside den? Although do be surprised if once it's built you find a ‘No Grown Ups” sign on the door! 

Building a den provides great exercise, and also offers you a chance to teach your kids about construction and crafting. You may wish to use supplies that you find around you in the garden like tree branches, and moss or you could supply some items like ropes and tarpaulin to help. 

If you are building a treehouse you may even wish to use pre-cut planks of wood. Although, it goes without saying that safety during the building process and use should be at the forefront of your mind no matter which option to go for. 


If you have ever seen a boxer work out at a gym you will understand just how much energy it can burn off in a single session. The great thing is that kids of all ages live skipping whether they have their individual rope or do it as a group. 

Once your kids have mastered the basics, you can introduce things like challenges or tricks to make things more interesting. You may even want to invest in some elastic and team them on how to double dutch skip too! It will keep them amused for hours. 

Roller skating 

While strapping some wheels to your feet sounds crazy, it can be a very fun pastime in the form of roller skating. Indeed, roller skating is a perfect way to get the kids outside and blow off some steam. After all, you have to have a flat hard surface to be able to skate! 

There are different types of skates to choose from as well, including ones where there are two wheels at the front and two at the back, and inline skates which have a single line of wheels in a formation like an ice skate. You can even get adjustable skates for kids that go over their regular shoes and grow as their feet do. 

Safety will be a major concern when skating so kitting the kids out with helmets, gloves, and elbow and knee patches is always a smart idea. You can choose to head to a skating rink to give this activity a go before you invest in all the equipment too, just to see whether your little one enjoys it. 

Obstacle courses

Obstacle and rope courses are very popular right now, and it's not hard to see why. After all, they offer a fun outdoor activity that is suitable for a wide range of ages. They also provide challenge and a real sense of satisfaction and achievement when you have completed them. 

If you visit somewhere like this high ropes obstacle course you can expect fun for all the family, and any side group. They even have a range of sources that offer different things like giant ladders, and zip lines, as well as kind, patient guides that will encourage any member of your party when they get nervous child or adult! 

You'll also get the chance to take some amazing pictures or even videos as you and the kids complete the course. Thereby making memories that will last a lifetime. 

Scavenger hunts

Scavenger hunts can be played both inside and outside. Although you have so much more choice when you choose to take them out of doors. The goal of a scavenger hunt is to find as many items from a list that your child is given at the start. 

These items can be just about anything you choose from a leaf from the garden to a pine cone from your forest walk. You can even bring your scavenger hunts into the 21st century by asking your kids to take pictures of things rather than bringing the item home with them. 

Scavenger hunts tend to work best when they involve 10 or more items to collect and have a small prize for the winner. Some of the most motivating prizes include getting to choose what to have for Saturday night dinner or a small treat experience like going for ice cream. 

Sand play 

Whether it's at the beach or in a sandpit in your own backyard, playing in the sand is a great way to get the kids outside and breathe in that fresh air. 

There are many ways to play in the sand too, from building castles, and using toy diggers to do construction work, to using the sand as the perfect court for a game of catch, bat and ball games, and volleyball. 

Just be sure to go over water safety if you are at the beach, make sure that you regularly top up your child's SPF cream, and provide them with some shade to play under at the hottest points in the day. 

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