Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Young History Buffs Will Love the New Releases to the Popular "Little Guides to Great Lives" Series from Laurence King (Review)

Disclosure: I was sent review copies from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

My youngest daughter is obsessed with learning about famous people in history.  She is hoping to follow in her cousin's footsteps and become a history professor at a college one day, and already knows the class topics she wants to cover. :-)  She really wants to shine a light on famous and not so famous women in history, and how their stories made strides for women who came after them.  Two such women who really resonate with my daughter, and got her hooked on learning all she could about women in history are Frida Kahlo and Anne Frank.

I have been a fan of Laurence King books, an imprint of Chronicle Books for quite some time.  What draws me to their books, and keeps me wanting to add more to our growing book collection and use with our homeschooling is that they are all well put together -- chock full of information, and the illustrations are always a delight and captivate the reader with each page you turn.  So, when I was recently sent two upcoming releases in the "Little Guides to Great Lives" series from Laurence King, I knew just the person to help me review them. :-)  As soon as my daughter saw we were sent the Anne Frank and Frida Kahlo books, she couldn't wait to finish her schooling so that could gran the two books and go read them outside, lounging in the hammock.  

"From artists to aviators and scientists to revolutionaries, Little Guides to Great Lives is a brand new series of small-format guides introducing children to the most inspirational figures from history in a fun, accessible way."

With the warmer weather now upon us, my girls love getting outdoors not just to play, but to get lost in a good book.

In record time, my daughter read both "Little Guides to Great Lives" books from cover to cover.  Even though she has read a handful of books about each of these famous women in history, she said she really learned a lot and found the illustrations, timelines, glossary, etc. really beneficial, and made following each of their stories easier to follow along and appreciate.  Even though the illustrations were simple and used standard pallette colors, they really did bring the stories to life, and had my daughter lingering on each page to take in the details of each illustration, before flipping the page and being presented with another well done illustration.  As soon as she was done reading the two books, she was quick to ask what other books were available in the series, as she wanted to make it her mission this summer to read as many of them as she could.  She was super excited when I said they had one about Marie Curie, as she loves her, too!  

Now this series isn't just about featuring the great lives of women in history.  Additional books in the series share stories about Nelson Mandela, Leonardo Da Vinci, Stephen Hawking, Ferdinand Magellan, making them the perfect series to share with young history buffs in your life.  

My daughter used her allowance money and bought the Amelia Earhart book from Amazon and read that in under an hour.  Now, she is looking forward to all the upcoming releases, and to grow her "Little Guides to Great Lives" series this summer.  I love how once she is done reading these books, she has a wealth of knowledge about these famous people in history, yet wants to research further about them, and learn as much as she can.  These books really do a great job lighting a spark in kids and getting them excited to learn about people in history and how their stories played a role in shaping our great world.

With summer reading now in full swing, why not consider picking up some of the books in the "Little Guides to Great Lives" series from Laurence King to share with your kids. Even the most reluctant of readers will be drawn to these books as they don't include chapters to intimidate readers, and are full of illustrations that break up the text, and make it easier for kids to read and not feel overwhelmed with these great people's stories.  You can learn more about these books, and see upcoming releases by visiting today. Happy reading! :-)

Disclosure: I was sent review copies from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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