Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Ways To Make Moving House Fun For Your Family

Moving house can be an intimidating time when you’ve got a whole family to move. You’re uprooting more than just one life, and when you’re young, it can be hard to adjust to a new area where you don’t know anything or anyone. And it’s only natural to worry about the kids during a time like this! You want to provide for them, but you’ve still got a whole new house to make your own. 

Which is where the need for fun comes in. When something is fun, we smile and laugh, instead of crying or complaining. We want to try it out, rather refuse to even consider it just because it’s new. And as such, we’ve listed some ideas below to help you make the move more enjoyable for every member of your family. 

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Make Packing a Fun Puzzle

Packing can get very boring very quickly, so why not turn it into a game or a puzzle? Whoever fits their items into a box in the most creative way wins! Alternatively, whoever packs the fastest or in the most secure way gets a prize. Whatever idea you come up with, as long as there’s a competitive element, packing will be a lot more fun and the kids won’t have any trouble getting involved. 

Get a Storage Space

This is one mainly for the adults in your family, because it’s important the move be a little more fun for you too! And to prevent you from stressing out over where things are going to go and trying to work out if all your furniture will fit or not, why not just rent a storage unit until you’re sure? Putting things in storage just for a couple of weeks, until you can iron out your new interior layout, won’t cost you an arm and a leg. Head to a website like https://www.storagearea.com and find a unit that’ll suit your needs and you can slowly move things in bit by bit. 

Have Fun Food on the Last/First Night

The last night in your old house and the first night in your new house should be special days. Treat them as such with one simple idea: have a fun meal to commemorate the day! Order in from your favorite takeaway, or rustle up loads of easy finger foods that kids can dip and eat to their heart’s content. As long as it’s food you wouldn't usually have, and your family is visibly excited to tuck in, it’ll help set the tone and make the time less sad or scary. 

Let the Kids Decorate

A quick one to finish! Once you’re in your new place, let the kids get involved with the decorating. Make sure they can choose some paints/wallpapers, let them have a say in the new furniture, and always let them have the last call on what goes in their rooms! 

With a little effort and energy, moving house can actually be fun! 

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