Thursday, March 24, 2022

5 Gifts That Aren’t Just For Women


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Looking for a unique gift for a man? More men are now exploring products that were once traditionally aimed solely at women. Below are just a few great gifts that are not just for women and that can be great for men too.


Can you buy flowers for men? There’s no reason why you can’t - especially if it’s the type of guy who appreciates plants or gardening. In fact, more people are now buying bouquets for men. As with women, they can be a romantic gift or a family celebration gift - or even a get well soon gift. Most men are more likely to appreciate dramatic and bold flowers like roses, orchids and chrysanthemums. You can also look into darker flowers like black dahlias and black roses. Consider buying a vase if it’s unlikely they already own one. 


Many of us buy candles for women, but there are plenty of manly candles out there that are ideal for guys. Darker colors like red and black are popular choices for men and can be great for lighting up a living room, a dining room or a mancave. When it comes to scented candles, try to consider smoky and spiced scents you’d find within aftershaves rather than sweet and flowery scents found in women’s perfumes. A few popular scents include smoked leather, teakwood, eucalyptus and espresso. You can shop for such candles online. 


There are all kinds of men’s jewelry that you can explore. A lot of men like to wear bracelets - this includes rope and leather bracelets, metal bracelets and chain bracelets. Some men also like necklaces - this could include anything from a simple chain to a black pendant. It’s best to avoid anything too sparkly and stick to jewelry that is more plain. Of course, there are some men who may appreciate something bigger and blingier. For a personal touch, consider looking into bespoke jewelry services - such services may be able to offer personalized engravings to that bracelet or necklace that extra bit more special.

Bath products

Women are known for having collections of bath products, while men are typically mocked for favouring all-in-one body soap/shampoo. However, more men are now starting to branch out into other bath products. When looking into soaps, shampoos and body oils, try looking for manly scents. There are many bath product kits that you can buy for men including hampers. These are ideal for men who like to take baths. 

Skin products

More men are starting to realize the importance of skincare when it comes to preventing wrinkles or simply fighting spots. These are sometimes bought alongside bath products and could include products like moisturizers and face scrubs. Many of these products are unisex, however there are also products aimed exclusively at men, which may incorporate manly scents. Some of these products can be bought along with shaving products like shaving creams and aftershaves.

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