Monday, December 6, 2021

Take the Guesswork Out of What to Get That Guy In Your Life - Upgrade Their Wallet with a Smart Wallet with Tracker Card from Ekster (Review)

 Disclosure: I was sent samples from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

Is your husband or boyfriend always losing or misplacing their wallet or keys?  My husband can't go a week without forgetting where he last left his wallet or keys, and then we have to tear the house apart, and re-trace steps with him, to figure out where he left it.  Yes, I know they have trackers out there, and we have used them in the past.  But, I have found that when they die, my husband forgets to replace them, and that is when he loses his stuff, and we are back to square one, hunting for his stuff.  He has even enlisted the help of our two girls, who got smart, and now charge him $5 to find his stuff.  :-)  So, as I was putting together my 13th annual holiday gift guide this year, I knew I wanted to not only feature a smart wallet, as the one he uses is clunky and he is always fumbling with it to fit a pocket to put it in, or hold - but, also feature a tracker, as I know my husband is not alone in misplacing his keys and wallet.  After doing research online and checking out different men's wallets and trackers, I found myself going back to the Ekster website.  They offer an amazing selection of men's wallets, a tracker card you can slide into the wallet, as well as cardholders, bifolds, key holder, key tracker, laptop sleeves, money clip, and more.  They have something for every guy on your shopping list this holiday season, all at affordable prices.

I reached out the kind folks at Ekster, and they sent along their popular Parliament wallet, along with a tracker card for my husband to try out and help me review.  We received the samples this weekend, and my husband was quick to start sharing his through as he checked out the wallet, and set up the tracker card.

First, here is more about the Parliament wallet and tracker card....

Buy now for only $69

"A premium leather smart wallet, perfect for slim storage and quick card access. 

The built-in aluminum cardholder fans out your cards at the click of a button and protects them against skimming. Add a tracker card to make it unlosable."


"Can’t find your wallet? Not sure where you left that bag? 

Our credit card-sized wallet tracker is the difference between stress and streamlining your essentials. Just use your phone to ring your stuff, or see where you last had it on a map."


My husband's first reaction to the wallet was that it was really stylish.  He liked the color and the size of the wallet. 

It wasn't too bulky, and fit perfectly in his back jeans pocket, or the front pocket.  But, what he really liked and kept talking about was the built-in aluminum cardholder that fans out your cards, so that you can grab them with ease, and not fumble at the checkout counter, trying to find which card you want to use, and struggle to get it out of your cramped wallet. In addition to having easy access to his cards, this mechanism also is made to prevent the cards from being bend, and also blocks RFID signals.  You don't get that with other wallets out there, especially ones that are more expensive.

This compact smart wallet is made of premium leather, and comes in a variety of colors.  My husband asked for the classic brown and really liked how it looked and felt.  In addition to the trigger mechanism for four or five of your cards, this wallet also offers to two card slots to additional cards, as well as an elastic strap that can hold notes or receipts. My husband really liked the addition of the elastic band as he using just stuffs receipts and notes in his wallet, and then loses them when he fumbles through his wallet looking for a particular card or money.

In addition to being sent the wallet, we were also sent the Ekster tracking card, which slides easily into the front of the wallet, and has a tracking range of 200 ft, and uses the Chipolo app (available for Android and iOS devices).  Setting up an account was easy and only took minutes. And, once done you can ping the tracker, which will then start making a sound, so that you can find your wallet without the need to tear the whole house apart.  While my girls were disappointed they wouldn't be making $5 a find, they were happy that my husband wouldn't be stressing anymore wondering if he lost his wallet. I can't tell you how many times we have had to replace his driver's license only for his wallet to turn up the next day.  It sure does get pricey.

A cool feature with the tracking card is that when in your wallet, you can push a button on the front of the card and it will ring your phone, in case you have misplaced your phone.  So, it isn't just for finding a lost wallet.  It seems anything my husband puts down, he is forgetting where he puts it, his phone included.  So, this dual tracker feature is perfect for him, and will make his life so much easier, and less stressful he finds himself wondering where his belongings are.  Unlike other tracker cards that my husband has owned is that this one can be recharged and doesn't need replacing.  It has a solar panel on the front, so you can leave out near a sunny spot to top of the battery. Note, the battery life of one solar charge is about 2-3 months, depending on how often you use the tracking card feature.  An issue my husband has with other tracking cards is that they couldn't be recharged like this or had an option to replace a battery.  He would pay a lot of money for a tracker and when it died, he would have to throw out, and buy another one. That is where he would get into trouble when losing his stuff, as he would realize the tracker he had was dead, or he would forget to replace the tracker after it died, and then it would make the trackers on his key ring or in his wallet useless. So, having this solar recharge for this Ekster tracking card is just what my husband has been looking for, and he always hated having to throw out a tracking once it died and wouldn't work anymore.

If you are one who likes to carry a lot of money, this compact wallet will not hold a lot of money. My husband doesn't like to carry money -- maybe just a $10 or $20 - in case he lose his wallet, he doesn't want to be out money, too -- so, this isn't an issue for him. But, I know other guys, including my brothers and father, like to carry money and not rely on finding an nearby ATM when they need cash fast.  But, with the easy trigger mechanism, space for the tracking card and the overlook stylish look and feel of this premium smart wallet, you really can't go wrong, when looking to upgrade your wallet. My husband really likes this wallet, and was quick to throw out his old one.  He is so happy with his new Ester Parliament wallet with the tracking card, and can't wait to get other products from Ekster including the laptop sleeve and key holder with tracker.

With the holidays fast approaching, stop stressing about what to get your guy, and head on over to Ekster to buy one of their many wallets or other products that will help make their life easier.  And, right now you can save 25% off all orders, and 35% off + Free Gift Bag on all orders above $200.  

Act fast though as these savings are only available starting today and ending on Dec. 26th.  So, what are you waiting for?  Head on over to Ekster and finish your holiday shopping for your guy.  He will be so happy to find the Parliament wallet or any of the Ekster wallets or products under the tree or stuffed in their stocking on Christmas morning.

 Disclosure: I was sent samples from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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