Monday, December 6, 2021

Non-Traditional Holiday Gifts to Impress Family and Friends This Holiday Season

When it comes to holiday gift giving, the options can seem endless, and yet too often you are left with no ideas for the people on your list; it is a lot like scrolling through cable options; there are so many different channels and yet nothing to watch. How can the insane amount of gift ideas (especially as influencers post gift guide after gift guide) leave us so confused when it comes to actually making good choices? How are we supposed to weed through the noise and find the magical gift which will be beloved by all? 

The answer is we need to get creative and think outside the box when it comes to gift giving. Stop settling for an over-the-counter solution for everyone on your list. With some ingenuity and a little risk, you can genuinely knock the socks off each person on your gift list this holiday season.

To get your creative juices flowing, I put together a few non-traditional gift ideas for the adults in your life. Most of these ideas are gender neutral, so there should be something for almost everyone you are purchasing for this year. You don’t want people to open gifts, take them home, only to toss them in the trash. Instead, this year make sure the heaping pile of gifts under the tree really impress your friends and family members by implementing some of these non-traditional holiday gifts:

Photography session

It was once said that photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What you have caught on film is captured forever. It remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything. Give someone you love the gift of a captured moment so they can treasure it forever. Family sessions in their home, personal style sessions with a makeover, newborn or children shoots, professional headshots, or even a session in a designated location all can transport the recipient back for all of infamy. This is the perfect gift idea for someone who has a big event coming up, such as a wedding, graduation, birth of a child, or even a new home.

A special donation

When someone has it all, finding a perfect gift for them can be a challenge. If they have the heart for a particular charity or organization, consider donating to that entity but do so in the recipient’s name. This thoughtful present allows you to demonstrate your commitment to providing them with a gift they will care about but inherently brings joy to the person opening the gift and those who will benefit from the generosity.

Subscription boxes

The good thing about subscription boxes? There are SO many of them nowadays, so there is definitely one for every single person on your list. Whether you have a wine or whiskey lover on your list, a pet owner, a makeup maven, or a technology guru, there is at least one subscription box out there which is perfect for them. Sign them up for a couple of months or even the entire year, so they experience your thoughtfulness far beyond the holidays.

A much needed service

Sometimes, giving a needed service is the best idea, especially if the person has everything. Think long and hard about what they need. Are they moving soon? Have they been mentioning laser hair removal? What about paying off a loan? There are so many options, but when you do shop for a needed service, no matter what it is, I do urge you to shop locally. For example, if they are moving, you could give them money or a gift card towards a moving service that is local. In the New England area, a good example of this is Fresh Start - The Moving Crew.

Their crew is familiar with the area (because they are local), family owned and operated, and they work hard to satisfy each and every one of their clients. They have plenty of offerings such as packing services, storage, and more, so if your gift recipient needs moving services for their home, business, storage space, or even if they just need one specific service like Worcester MA gun safe moving, Fresh Start can help them out.

A Membership

A yearly or monthly membership is another fantastic way of demonstrating your knowledge of the recipient’s interests and also ensuring they enjoy your gift long after the presents are unwrapped. Consider gifting an annual membership to the theater, a local art museum, or a gym membership. You could even gift things like laser hair removal, monthly massages or facials, and more. If you have a reader on your list, a  Kindle Unlimited membership or audible memberships are great options.

Tools for stress relief

After a long day at the office, most adults like to walk in the door, eat a good meal, and kick up their feet and relax. Help the adults in your life set the stage for decompression and the ultimate in relaxation by providing them with an at-home, spa-like experience. A hot tub, sauna, or tanning bed may be just what the doctor ordered this holiday season. Other smaller “tools” like bath salts, jade rollers, or skincare items are great options, too, and obviously much more affordable.

Get creative with your holiday shopping this year and put a smile on the face of everyone who receives a gift from you. Think long and hard about your family or friends' likes and wants and then step away from the standard gift ideas to really knock your 2021 gift-giving out of the park.

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