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Craft, Connect and Create Together with Your Kids When You Gift Them a We Craft Box Subscription This Holiday Season -- Save 40% Off Your 1st Box Now! (Review)

 Disclosure: I was sent sample boxes from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

I don't know about your family, but it seems with mine that whenever the holidays roll around, we end up picking up a cold and pass it around through the house.  Last year was the only time we were healthy during the holidays...but, that was because everyone was still distancing and staying close to home due to Covid. But, now that we are slowly getting back to normal, so returns the cold/flu season.  And, like clockwork, a few days before Thanksgiving my youngest daughter started with a scratchy throat, and then woke the next day with a full fledged head cold, which she then passed along to her sister, then, me, followed by my husband.  So, what was expected to be a fun time with family ended up being just us home, recovering from head colds and sinus infections.  But, all was not lost due to illness, as we made the best of it, and spent time snuggling up on the couch together watching holiday movies, taking cat naps together, and doing some holiday crafting. And, this year, my youngest stepped up and helped prepare Thanksgiving dinner as she didn't want us to have to cancel it or not make.  And, it turned out amazing. :-)

The day before Thanksgiving, I shared a fun craft box with the girls from We Craft Box, that was sent to us a week earlier for review.  As soon as I lifted the lid to the box, the girls' eyes lit up with excitement as they saw all the goodies inside.  

"Award winning monthly kids arts and crafts kits delivered to their doorstep! Each kit coke with a themed story, 4+ coordinating crafts that can be shared between 2 crafters, photo and video tutorials and all materials included"

This craft box included everything they needed to make festive Thanksgiving crafts, which ended up adorning our dining table come turkey day.  All we needed from our own crafting supplies was scissors, as everything else we needed was in the box, including crayons for the huge thankful tree poster, which we all colored together as a family, and filled in the leaves with things we were thankful for.

As a busy parent, I love when I stumble upon subscription boxes like We Craft Box that ships direct to your door and includes everything you and your kids will need to do the crafts, minus little things like tape/glue or scissors, which you already have handy for crafting.  

And, having two kids at home, I like how these boxes include enough supplies for two kids to do, without having to buy a sibling add on or another box altogether.  Each We Craft Box contains a fold out instructions sheet for each of the crafts for your kids to complete.  Each craft has step by step instructions with photos for kids (and adults) to look at and follow along as they make the crafts.  

This particular box was Thanksgiving themed and contained the following crafts:

  • Glittering Frames -- all you needed from your home was a few squirts of dish detergent, water and a photo or picture to add to the picture frame
  • Thankful Tree Poster -- everything was included for this craft in the box, including beeswax crayons 
  • Festive Fall Corn -- All you needed was a pair of scissors to cut the pipe cleaners
  • The Thankful turkey - Again, have your scissors ready for this craft
  • Thankful Turkey Hat -- All you need for this fun craft was a pair of scissors and damp paper towel
In addition to the step-by-step photo instructions, there was also a link shared for online craft tutorials for those who prefer watching the craft being made over reading and looking at the paper instructions.  On the front of the fold out was a cute Thanksgiving story that my girls took turns reading.  

But, the real fun was when we all sat together and colored in the thankful tree, before the girls started to work on the other crafts together. It was nice to see them with energy after being sick and laying around, to chatting together as they crafted and make some really nice crafts.  I was really impressed with the quality of the crafts, as they weren't your average paper bag or paper plate turkey.  The thankful turkey craft with the pinecone was a good size, and one craft I would never have thought to do with the girls. 

And, they both really liked the festive fall corn craft with the pony beads.  They are both into collecting and playing with fidget toys, and said the corn craft they made felt like a fidget as they could spin the pony beads around and hold and manipulate the corn.  

This was one craft I saw them showing off time and again to friends they were having zoom calls...and, all their friends thought it was a cool craft, and one they wanted to try. 

The We Craft Box provided a few hours of fun for my family.  The crafts alone kept my girls busy for a couple hours, and the coloring sheet was huge and we worked on it as a family for over an hour.  

And, once everything was done, it was nice to see all the girls' hard work displayed in these keepsake crafts.  They were bummed when the looked in the box to see it was empty as they were hoping to do more crafts, as they said they were really fun and not like the other crafts they usually do from grab and go library crafts or mini craft kits I pick up at the craft stores. These were easy to do, but so much more fun!

I didn't tell the girls that we would be also be getting the Christmas box from We Craft Box, so when it arrived the other day and they saw the box outside at the mailbox, they were all smiles, as they ran to show me the box.  They couldn't wait to open it and see what fun crafts were sent for them to do for the holidays.  

I told them that they would have to wait until this weekend to do the crafts, as I was planning a fun holiday movie and crafts night, and these crafts would be a great kick off to our weekend fun.  But, here is a sneak peak of what is included in the holiday box from We Craft Box that we will be working on come this weekend...

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Don't these look like fun holiday crafts?  This is a really well put together craft subscription box, and one I plan to subscribe to for my girls, as a result of being able to try two of their boxes out with my girls. I saw how much fun they had with the Thanksgiving box, and I know the Christmas box will be even more fun.  Heck, I am excited to sit down as a family and do some of the crafts together, while we sip hot chocolate and nibble on freshly baked holiday cookies.

If you are looking for a fun non-toy gift idea for your kids or grandkids that they will actually enjoy long after the tree comes down?  Then, check out the We Craft Box subscription craft box for kids, available in a single box, 3-month, 6-month or 12-month subscription offering.  But, know that once your kids get their first We Craft Box they will be hooked and want you to order more, just like my girls asked me for. :-)  

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You can learn more about We Craft Box and order your boxes today for your kids by visiting https://www.wecraftbox.com/. And, if you order right now, you will be able to send your kids the "A Berry Merry Christmas Box" like the one we were just sent and will be working on this weekend.  

You can also shop previous craft kits in their online store, if you want to add a few more craft boxes under the tree for your kids, while they wait for their future subscription boxes to arrive after the initial Dec.one.

 Disclosure: I was sent sample boxes from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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