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Celebrate Friendship and Bring Home 20th Century Studios and Locksmith Animation’s Ron’s Gone Wrong Now on 4K Ultra HD™, Blu-ray™, DVD and Digital #RonsGoneWrong (Review)

 Disclosure: I was sent a screener from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.


Celebrate Friendship and Bring Home 20th Century Studios and Locksmith Animation’s Ron’s Gone Wrong now on 4K Ultra HD™, Blu-ray™, DVD and Digital

 Last night we watched Ron's Gone Wrong as a family, and boy was a great movie. Just be warned, if you cry easily at a movie, you will definitely want a box of tissues near you, especially near the end of the movie. Don't worry, I will not spoil anything. :-)  Just know this is a really well-done movie, and will have you laughing one minute, and then finding yourself happy you sat and watched this movie.  There are two important things that kids and adults will be able to pull from the movie -- friendship and inclusion.  After we watched the movie and bonus content, my husband and I sat with our girls and talked about the movie and how in today's day and age, we are all glued to social media and are always looking for a "like" or share on our social media accounts, when we shouldn't be worrying about this.  Instead we should be unplugging from our devices and enjoying in person time with family and friends.  But, it is easier said than done, especially for kids and young adults who have grown up in a time when everything is digital and you need to be online to stay in the know and feel included.  

Like I said, you will find yourself feeling all sorts of emotions as you watch this movie. You will feel bad that Barney doesn't have any friends, and that the bot that he gets is broke and not working like it should. You'll also feel bad for Barney's grandmother and father as they are trying their best to make sure Barney is loved in the absence of his mother who has passed away.  He has a birthday and can't invite anyone as he sits on the school bench alone, or dreads going to recess.  As I watched these scenes, I felt bad for kids all over the world who are dealing with bullying and not feeling like they are worthy of friendship or can't fit in.  But, as the movie continues, you find yourself loving the relationship Barney is forging with his bot friend, and hope this brings him closely to his old friends who seemed to have forgot about him as they grow and spread their wings.

I really liked this movie, as did my husband and girls.  And, we can't wait to watch it again.  This is definitely a feel good movie that the whole family  will enjoy, and one that can offer an open discussion afterwards with your kids about the themes, and how the movie can be related to your kids' lives.  If you are looking for a fun family-friendly movie night title, I highly recommend you check out Ron's Gone Wrong, available now on 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray, DVD and Digital.

More about this movie:

Things go hilariously awry when Barney, a socially awkward middle-schooler, receives a malfunctioning, digitally connected device that’s supposed to be his “best friend out of the box.” In this action-packed animated story set against the backdrop of the social media age, a boy and his robot discover the wonderful messiness of true friendship.




The hilarious animated comedy from 20th Century Studios and Locksmith Animation centers on the adventures of a glitchy B*Bot called Ron and his human best friend Barney. In the film, a well-meaning teacher creates a “buddy bench” at Barney’s school to help him make friends.


Bonus Features*

  • A Boy and His B*Bot: When Jack Met Zach – Zach Galifianakis and Jack Dylan Grazer, the voices behind Ron and Barney, sit down to chat about a fun assortment of topics. From social media to skateboarding, the two actors from two very different generations tell us all about when Jack met Zach.
  • Making Ron Right  Join cast and crew behind the scenes as they reveal the skill, dedication and friendship it took to bring this film to life. From writing the script to the voice-over booth, Locksmith’s artisans detail how they made Ron right.
  • “Sunshine” Music Video – Song from the motion picture Ron’s Gone Wrong, performed by Liam Payne."

*bonus features vary by product and retailer


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 Disclosure: I was sent a screener from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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