Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Best Gifts for Fitness Fanatics this Christmas

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You may be having that special someone that prefers losing weight to drinking wine glasses or the person that would rather choose good hiking boots and a yoga mat compared to a cozy candle or bathing robe. Well, the awesome picks below can be appreciated by a fitness fanatic who wants to head to the next year geared up to crushing  fitness goals. 

Theragun mini 

Since it has a super-portable size, a durable charging time, and an ergonomic grip, it's the ideal gift you can give your friend or loved one traveling around to run marathons or the one that makes good use of the gyms in the hotels.

Fitness dice

The fitness dice features different body types and rep counts as it's a great gift one should have on hand, especially when having the motivation of moving but there is no inspiration.

Women activewear sports bra 

This sports bra is stretchy and made of seaweed, the eucalyptus, a stretch fiber material, and responsible nylon. If your friend is a fashionable yogi, it's essential to give it as a gift as it also has some lovely, sweet pastel colors anyone can adore and is a no-fuss fit.

The wave tool 

This handy little massage tool features many surfaces and edges that help knead muscles in a way the user may want. It can help in case of a cramp strikes when one is hiking. It can be the best gift to give someone since it is also small enough to fit in any backpack or a hip bag.

 Paying for programs to be a personal trainer 

If your fitness buddy has a fitness passion, you can pay for the program to help achieve fitness goals. It is vital to get a functional personal training certification because you will be qualified for different business positions in different settings. After finishing the program, one can also earn from it, which can help career growth.

Gym bag

All essentials of your friend can fit in the gym bag, for example changing clothes. Most gym bags have side pockets where your friend or loved one can store gym shoes since it's separate. You can select the gift bag that fits your friend's personality since the bags are in variety.

Fiit membership

It's been a long lockdown period, and gym lovers may start considering renewing fitness membership, and you can make this happen for your fitness fanatic.  Fiit is an android and iPhone app where you can subscribe to access different fitness classes and training plans. Examples of exercises are HIIT, cardio, yoga, and even pilates. Gifting your friend this can help in achieving fitness goals even from home.

Hand Wrap gloves

Gifting your friend these gloves can secure the moveable bones and the loose joints since they help fasten all joints together, and through this, the shock gets distributed better across the hand. The gloves can also help in boxing classes or weight training.

In sum, giving fitness fanatics a gift can help in keeping their routine within and outside their homes.



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