Wednesday, October 6, 2021

The Benefits of a Billie Tap in Your Office

When it comes to making sure your office is happy and productive, consider what needs to be done to keep your employees comfortable, safe, and satisfied as they perform their job duties. As a business owner or office manager, the billie tap does just that. Billie taps are made to provide safe and clean water, both boiled and chilled, using less energy to impact the environment better. As a result, a billie tap produces high-quality water that is more sustainable and improves your employees’ comfort and satisfaction.

Billie taps use the SET system. SET stands for space, energy, and time. To start, space means that we understand office design and how much of a challenge it can be to get that right mix of function and comfort. In larger cities, especially, office space is expensive, and both managers and employees must take full advantage of every square foot. Billie taps have a unique design that is half the size of similar products. The billie system allows your office to get an effective and efficient boiling and cold water system while taking up much less space. If your office is small, a billie tap system is ideal.

Energy, the aforementioned E of the SET system, refers to the decrease of energy used to power billi taps for office use. Billie systems provide chilled water and boiling water. Therefore, there is potential for an incredible about of energy needed to keep it functional. However, with Billie systems, designers had created thermodynamic heat-exchange technology. This system allows a large amount of heat to be absorbed and stored, preheating the boiling water and achieving chilled water. This system is unique and offers your business substantial energy savings.

While energy is money, so is time. In an office, time is something that you cannot afford to lose. Everything from daily tasks to projects with strict deadlines expresses that time is something that isn’t wasted. So, with the billie tap system, you do not have to waste time heating water for coffee or tea or placing ice or water bottles in the refrigerator to chill refreshing water. When you need a quick cup of strong tea to get through the 3 o’clock slump, a billie tap system in the office will save you time and let you get back to work quickly.

The billie tap system is an incredible investment for the planet and your office if you are environmentally conscious. However, if you are merely looking to save time and money to quickly make a cup of tea or coffee and get back to your deadline, the billie tap system will do the job. When you get boiling water for coffee or tea, you use only what you need without the potential waste of filling an entire kettle to boil with water that goes unused. As such, there are several benefits to installing a billie tap system in your office. You have boiling water, chilled water, and even sparkling water at hand whenever you need it.


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