Sunday, October 24, 2021

"Audrey L and Audrey W: Best Friend-ish" Book 1 is a New Series Perfect for Beginner Chapter Book Readers (Review)

 Disclosure: I was sent a review copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

If your kids like books like Ivy + Bean and Junie B. Jones, then they will love this new chapter book series, Audrey L & Audrey W. by Carter Higgins.  My youngest daughter got her start with beginner chapter books with the Ivy + Bean series, and loved how with these books there were lots of illustrations so she could visualize what she was reading in her head, as well as have large font type, so she didn't feel overwhelmed with the larger book size.  Even though my girls are reading middle grade books now, they still like to go back every now and then and read a new chapter book series or shorter book that can be read in one sitting.  Knowing just how much my daughter loved the Ivy + Bean books and reading other reviews of this new series and how it was similar in nature, I knew I had to share book 1 with her.  As soon as she saw the book and started to flip through the pages, she was quick to make a mad dash up to her room, to lay on her bed and start reading.  An hour later she came back downstairs, and asked me if there were more books in the series, as she wanted to read more.  I told her this was the first in what I hope was a long run for this chapter book, but that I would keep my eye out for forthcoming books, to grab and share with her.  She ended up passing the book along to my oldest daughter to read, as she couldn't stop raving about the story and the fun characters. Her hope was that her sister would read the book and they could chat about their favorite parts.  I ended up having to pick up another copy of this book from Amazon, as they both got into the book and wanted their own copies to read whenever they wanted, and also to start their Audrey L & Audrey W collection, adding more books once they release.

If you are looking for a fun beginner chapter book series to get your young reader hooked on, I highly recommend you check out this book from Carter Higgins. It is a great book for reluctant readers as it offers lots of photos and large print, and the story is easy to understand and moves along well. 

Both of my girls give this book two thumbs up! :-)

More about this new release:

"The unique writing of Ivy + Bean meets the pep of Clementine and the authentic humor of Dory Fantasmagory in this chapter book series about two girls with the same name and absolutely, definitely, NOTHING else in common.

Over the course of a week in school, this bighearted, true-to-life chapter book will resonate with any young reader who’s ever felt overlooked, second-best, or defined according to someone else. The first in a series, Best Friends-Ish provides a fresh take on the joys and traumas of elementary school drama.

More than anything, second-grader Audrey wants to be the best at something. It always feels like she’s not-quite-enough—not smart enough, not fast enough, not funny enough.

When her beloved Miss Fincastle announces that a new girl, another AUDREY, is joining the class, Audrey suddenly becomes Audrey L., which makes her feel worse than ever.

But is the new Audrey all bad? Might the two Audreys have more in common than just their name? And if the girls become friends, how will Audrey ever figure out how to be her best self—if she can’t even be the best Audrey?

Visually dynamic and narratively unique, this chapter book series is perfect for fans of the Ivy + Bean, Deckawoo Drive, and The Penderwicks series."

  • TONS OF ILLUSTRATIONS: The book has many black and white illustrations throughout, providing newer readers with the perfect on-ramp from early readers into novels. There’s something visual on every page.
  • EMPATHY READ FOR BEGINNING READERS: This book is about embracing people’s differences, understanding their similarities, and making new friends.
  • COMING-OF-AGE IN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL: This book encourages young readers to consider and celebrate the things that make them unique, while recognizing that sharing some of those traits with someone else isn’t a bad thing.
  • A DILEMMA EVERY KID FACES: Having to share a name with a classmate is one of the biggest nightmares for a kid. That extra last name initial becomes a part of who you are for years to come. It’s an annoying, funny subject that kids everywhere will relate to.
  • UNFORGETTABLE, FUNNY WRITING: Carter Higgins’s writing is special. This storytelling is friendly, funny, and genuinely good, with an unforgettable voice that doesn’t sound like any other chapter books.
 Disclosure: I was sent a review copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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