Wednesday, September 29, 2021

What to Say When Your Kids Don’t Get Into College

College is often built up as the only way teenagers can accomplish anything worthwhile as an adult. Too often parents will paint an image that not getting into college is equal to flushing your future down the toilet. However, this builds up so much anxiety that it could be very harmful to your kids' mental health. This is especially worrying since lots of high schoolers won't be able to enter college.

According to experts, only about 69.1 percent of people who complete high school will attend a college in the semester after graduation. This means that approximately 30 percent of teens will have to seek other opportunities.

How can you, as a parent, talk to your kids when they don't get into college?

Why Didn't They Get into College?

There are plenty of reasons for a teenager to be unable to attend college. Some of them are beyond their control while others can be directly their responsibility.

Here are just a few of the most common reasons your child may not make it into a college.

Colleges have to maintain standards and the more impressive the credentials of a college are, the higher those are going to be. Only a paltrypercentage of applicants to Ivy League schools make it into these institutions. Even schools that aren't as highly esteemed as the Ivies have exacting standards. For example, the acceptance rate for U.C. Berkley can be challenging.

If your kid didn't meet the qualifications of their chosen colleges, you should examine what happened. Doing so can help you come up with a solution and ensure they get into college in the next semester.

Student debt is one of the fastest growing types of financial obligations in the country. The looming student crisis is eve one of the hot button issues of recent years. You or your kid may not want to incur the hundreds of thousands of dollars going to even a normal four-year college entail.

In any case, have an honest discussion on whether you can afford to pay for their tuition. If they don't want to lug around that financial burden for years, you and your teen could try to come up with a reasonable compromise.

Finally, you may have to deal with the fact that not every teenager is excited to get into college. Many younger teens are now aware that there are options outside of entering academia. They may prefer to develop their artistic endeavors, try their luck at becoming internet sensations or hone any number of other passions.

If your teen says that they don't want to enter college because they have differing interests, you must maintain composure. Have an open dialogue with them about what they want to do and list the pros and cons of their options. Treating them like an adult will be helpful when talking about college.

What Can They Do Instead?

When your kids don't get into college, the first thing you have to discuss is what they plan to do instead. Sometimes your kids may have an idea of what they want to do already. Maybe they don't have a clue on what to do because the rejection was unexpected.

Here are some of the best options they can explore for life after high school.

Many teenagers use their resources to explore the world an experience other cultures. Traveling can even become a networking experience, letting them find employment or social opportunities away from home. Aside from these opportunities, you can count that they may develop ideas on what to do when they return.

Many employers are looking for new employees with plenty of experience in their fields. When it comes to employment, you may be surprised that a year's worth of work can be just as important as a college degree. A few months working at a Waffle House franchise may not seem impressive, but it can instill work ethic and even help put away funds for other endeavors.

If your kids aren't exploring other options and really want to get into college, help them prepare to get into one. If they can't enter in the fall semester, there's plenty of time until the next one for them to study up and boost their SAT scores if need be.

Your kid doesn't have to get into college to be successful or happy as an adult. Learning how to deal with your expectations and talking calmly with them when they don't get into college will be helpful in maintaining a cordial relationship and securing their future.

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