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Kids Will Have Fun Experimenting and Making Edible Glowing Candy and Gummies with Thames & Kosmos Groovy Glowing Candy Lab (Review)

 Disclosure: I was sent a sample from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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Now that school is back in full swing, we are starting on 7th year of homeschooling.  To keep things fun and fresh and get the girls excited about learning, I have continued to keep our Fridays as "Fun-day Fridays."  One Friday a month we go on a field trip to check out something we have been studying or that interests the girls, while the other Fridays are used for baking/cooking or doing STEM and science experiments or art projects.  Two Fridays ago, my husband and I surprised the girls with a trip to Salem, MA to check out the witch museums, the Hocus Pocus movie locations so they could take photos outside of them, and also checked out the gift shops and spooky trails along the way. It was a great day, but had me needing to come up with something fun to keep the girls engaged while still learning and having fun for our Fun-Day Friday. Thankfully, a few days ago I was sent a super cool Groovy Glowing Candy Lab kit from the folks at Thames & Kosmos, and I knew it would wow the girls...and, that it did!  Just look at the smile on my youngest daughter's face when I showed them the kit.  She couldn't wait to dive right in and make her own gummies to enjoy. :-)

Almost everything is included with the lab kit -- all you need is water, oil, and a few other pantry items to complete the 3 experiments included with the set

The Groovy Glowing Candy Lab kit allows kids to make their own glowing candies, while also explaining the science behind what causes the candy to glow and how to make gummies gummy.  Included with the kit is a 17-page experiment manual that explains step by step the 3 candy experiments for kids to make - glow in the dark gummies, hard candy, and glowing ice cubes, followed by all the science stuff which is written in terms kids will understand.

My girls had so much fun making their own gummies and using the UV blacklight included with the kit to make them glow.  

That was the first experiment they did, right of the box. All they needed was oil to grease the mold sheet, and water, along with a microwave, bowls and measuring spoons.  In under 20 minutes the girls went from powdery mix to gummies.  

It only took 10 minutes chilling in the fridge for their gummies to set. And, once they were done, they used a toothpick to remove the gummies to a plate, before splitting them into two batches - one they left plain, and the other they used the sour mixture to turn them into sour gummies.  

Then, it was time for the taste testing, and deciding which gummy was better -- the plain or the sour one, before they lit them up and watched them glow. :-)

The sour gummies won -- and, boy were they sour...yet, so good you couldn't eat just one. :-)

After the girls were done making and enjoying their glow in the dark gummies, they moved onto making the hard candy, followed by the glowing ice cubes.  Just like with the fruit punch and tropical pineapple glowing gummies, these two additional edible science experiments were a hit with my girls. They were easy to and required on a few supplies you should have on hand (Note: You need seltzer for the ice cubes and granulated sugar for the hard candy).  And, like the gummies, my girls didn't need any help from me...they were able to do the experiments on their own, while I observed.  

Once all the experiments were done and eaten, the girls sat down with me on the couch and we read through the science stuff explaining the "why" that is included in the experiment manual.  The girls liked the extra experiments they offered like seeing what else glows.  Who knew a very ripe banana and tonic water glow so bright when shining the UV light on them.  Why you ask?  You'll just have to pick up the Groovy Glowing Candy Lab from Thames & Kosmos to find out for yourself.  But, it is really interesting, and I found myself learning a thing or two.

We have always been fans of Thames & Kosmos kits, and this edible science lab was another winner.  It is perfect for use with homeschooling as part of your hands on science learning, to gift curious kids who are always asking 'Why?," or to give to the kid who has everyone, as all kids love science experiments, and this one being an edible one is a blast for them. My girls gave this glowing candy lab two thumbs up, and can't wait for me to buy more Thames & Kosmos kits to do with them on their Fun-day Fridays.  You can learn more about the Groovy Glowing Candy lab and other science kits available from Thames & Kosmos by visiting  With the holidays fast approaching, now is the time to get a jump start on your holiday shopping.  

Thames & Kosmos products make for great gift ideas for kids of all ages, as they will actually be used and enjoyed...and kids will be learning without even knowing it. So, its a win for both kids and parents! :-)


More about the Groovy Glowing Candy Lab Kit from Thames & Kosmos:

"Set the world aglow with peace, happiness, and good times! Make yummy candies that actually glow in the dark. Mold fun, glowing gummies and sweet, glowing ice cubes in groovy shapes. Then grow a batch of crystal rock candy and watch it glow. A small amount of a safe, natural ingredient — riboflavin, or vitamin B2 — causes these candies to glow under the included blacklight flashlight. 

Learn about the chemistry of glowing materials and pigments, the physics of light and electromagnetic waves, and more science behind these delicious treats. This kit includes all the food ingredients needed for a groovy good time! + Newest addition to the best-selling candy science line with two new flavors: fruit punch and tropical pineapple + Make groovy gummies, rock candy, and sweet ice cubes that glow in the dark under a black light (UV flashlight included). + STEM-themed activity kit “sneaks” in chemistry lessons with mixtures, solutions, and luminescence. + Made in the USA + FDA compliant with extended shelf life."

Included: Glowing fruit punch mix (76 g), glowing tropical pineapple mix (76 g), gelatin packet (24 g), sour sugar mix (30 g), molding tray, UV flashlight, 4 plastic bags, sticker sheet

 Disclosure: I was sent a sample from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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