Tuesday, June 15, 2021

New Mitchells vs the Machines Books from Simon & Schuster -- Great Summer Reading for Kids of All Ages!!! (Review)

 Disclosure: I was sent review copies from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.  All views are mine and mine alone.

Has your family watched the hit animated family-friendly movie, "Mitchells vs the Machines", on Netflix?  My family watched it a few times together, and my girls have watched it on their own about a dozen times.  So, to say it is a favorite movie in our house is an understatement.

So, when I saw Simon and Schuster was releasing books based on the movie, I knew my girls would jump at the opportunity to help me review them.  A couple weeks ago we received the following books to review, and in a few days, my girls had read each of the books, cover to cover, in a few days time.

The Mitchells’ Family Road Trip - Buy now for only $6.99 from Amazon

(Adapted by Patty Michaels, illus by. Tiffany Lam, ISBN 9781534476004, 04/27/2021)

"Join the Mitchell family as they embark on an adventure of a lifetime in this 8x8 storybook retelling of Sony Pictures Animation's hilarious motion picture The Mitchells vs. the Machines that includes a cardstock photo frame for readers’ own family photos!"


Programmed for Laughs - Buy now for only $5.99 on Amazon

(By Matt Chapman, illus. by Lily Nishita, ISBN 9781534478107, 04/27/2021)

"In this joke book companion to the hilarious and offbeat motion picture The Mitchells vs. the Machines from Sony Pictures Animation, robots Eric and Deborahbot 5000 team up to write robot jokes with side-splitting results!"


World’s Worst Family? - Buy now for only $4.99 on Amazon

(Adapted by Farrah McDoogle, illus. by Andrew Ross, ISBN 9781534473423, 04/27/2021)

"A dysfunctional yet loving family must find a way to thwart a worldwide technology uprising in this laugh-out-loud Level 2 Ready-to-Read based on the motion picture form Sony Pictures Animation, The Mitchells vs. the Machines!"


Connected Movie Novelization - Buy now for only $6.99 on Amazon

(Adapted by Michael Anthony Steele, ISBN 9781534470798, 04/27/2021)

"See what happens in this novelization of the hilarious and completely original motion picture from Sony Pictures Animation, The Mitchells vs. the Machines—featuring 8 full-color pages with images from the movie!"


My girls really enjoyed the robot joke book, and were sharing all the laugh out loud jokes with my husband and I, as well as telling them to friends over zoom, and in their virtual classes. They had everyone laughing, and asking where they heard or learned the jokes. And, once they told them about the Connected: Programmed for Laughs joke book, then everyone was talking about how much they loved the Mitchells vs the Machines movie. One joke I remember the girls telling all the time was...

Why shouldn't you trust spiders?

They post stuff on the web

Hahahaha.  This is just one of many jokes that will leave you laughing out loud and wiping away tears from laughing so hard.  

The Ready to Read (Level 2) Connected: World's Worst Family? book is a great read for early chapter book readers, and is full of full color illustrations that will keep kids engaged and wanting to read the story from cover to cover.  While the book doesn't have chapters, the text is longer, which is great for getting kids to read more. :-)

The Connected: The Mitchells' Family Road Trip! (Or That Time They Saved the World" contains a cute photo frame. My girls loved how the illustrations were the direct animated scenes from the movie, and found themselves lingering on each page to take in all the details.  This is a quick read for older kids, but also a fun read to read at bedtime with kids young and old.  My girls love this book, and have read it over a dozen times on their own...and it isn't getting old.

The Connected: Movie Novelization is for older kids who are reading chapter books, and really is well written. It follows the story line of the movie. My girls loved watching the movie and then reading this book which is a retelling of the movie.  In the center of the book there are a few pages of full color pages of animated scenes from the movie, which my girls really enjoyed looking at.

If your kids love the Mitchells' vs the Machines animated movie, then they will love these books.  And, with summer reading in full swing, these would be fun books to pick up and pair with the movie after you plan a fun family movie night.

You can learn more about these books and other new releases from Simon & Schuster by visiting https://www.simonandschuster.com/.

 Disclosure: I was sent review copies from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.  All views are mine and mine alone.

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