Thursday, January 28, 2021

Digital Marketing Solutions To Enhance Your Law Office's Lead Quality

Law practices depend on paying clients. While you can perform many pro bono cases throughout the year, this won't pay the bills. Digital marketing is extremely beneficial to almost every business, including practicing attorneys. It allows you to build an online presence and connect with potential customers. Nevertheless, with as many digital marketing solutions available, it can be challenging to know which is right for your law practice and a waste of money.

Client Acquisition Difficulties

Some law practices, such as personal injury attorneys, will pay upwards of 20% of their budget towards digital marketing services. While this may seem a lot, if you land a paying client that generates you thousands of dollars, it would be well worth it. Client acquisition, however, is a complicated process that nearly every law firm goes through. This could be due in part to an overwhelming amount of attorneys in your area, poor marketing, or not targeting your marketing efforts.

Too Many Consultations Not Enough Retainers                                         

Does it seem like you're having quite a few consultations but not getting any retainers? If you're dulling out your knowledge and not seeing anything back, this is a problem. Practically, it can feel like wasted time. For those struggling with giving out time and not getting anything back, looking for a better way may be a front and center priority.

Solutions Lay With Digital Marketing Efforts

Law Firm SEO Expert is regarded as one of the top agencies for law firms. But why? They have extensive working knowledge of exactly how competitive the legal space is for attorneys. It takes quite a bit to set apart one firm from the next. Law Firm SEO Expert has implemented digital marketing solutions that have helped law practices grow their firm, not just for a month, but consistently. How do they accomplish this meticulous feat, where other digital marketers have fallen flat? They implement strategies that work parallel to the industry. It's simple. Law firms need local clients. Please take a look at the top services offered by Law Firm SEO Expert that have helped drive traffic and make their clients millions.

Revamp Your Website

Updating your website is something you should frequently do. Adding new content is an excellent way to give your potential clients more information about you. Your website should also have contact information available and visible. A popular feature for new websites is a chat feature. This allows clients to interact with a representative from your office anytime, day or night.

Not only should you be adding new content, but you should also be making sure it's optimized. By optimizing your website, you can better help your rankings on the search engine. one key feature for optimization is to make your website mobile-friendly. If it's hard to navigate and not viewable on mobile devices, people will jump ship quicker than you can say, 'free consultation.'

Targeted Local SEO

As a law practice, you'll be targeting people in your area. You don't want people on the other side of the country to contact you as this would do you no good. Instead, when properly done, a local SEO service can target those in your area looking for your specific law firm type. Let's say you are a criminal defense attorney.

You want to target individuals in your area that have been arrested or have had a loved one arrested. With local SEO, your marketer will use your location and keywords that pertain to your law firm, such as criminal defense, and implement them throughout the content on the web. Your keywords can be placed on articles, social media sites, your website, and much more.

The purpose of getting your keyword out there on several different locations is to help you rank. The greater your authority and relevance, the higher Google will rank you. When a person is looking for a criminal defense attorney in their area, yours will be at the top of the list. When ranking for specific keywords, it's important to consider the location and relevance of the service you offer. This will generate a better quality lead.

Specific PPC

An alternate method to SEO is using pay per click advertising. Many law firms like this service as it will generate a greater number of clients in a shorter amount of time. Paid spots have their advantages and disadvantages. Those that have a greater monthly budget may find this to be an excellent solution. However, for every click a person makes, it will cost you money. This is something to consider. When you are on the top of the organic search results, people can click you all day long, and it's not going to cost you any extra money.


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