Sunday, November 8, 2020

Wacky Package Minis from Super Impulse Make Great Stocking Stuffers for Kids and Adults (Review)

 Disclosure: I was sent a sample from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

Introducing Wacky Packages Minis! New, Surprise, 3-D Puny products Based on the Official Wacky Packs, the Hilarious Trading Cards Featuring Parodies of Common Household Products. 

Single Pack - $5.99 USD Double Pack - $11.99 USD 

"Your favorite household items have turned mini… and wacky?


"Introducing Wacky Package Minis from Super Impulse, the hilarious and outrageous collection featuring parodies of the everyday products that fill our supermarkets and grocery stores.


Building on the immensely popular mini toy craze circulating social media, Wacky Package Minis are set to be the hottest collectible for boys of the season. During their first week on shelf, consumers raced to their local Target locations purchasing full cases of Wacky Package Minis to share their finds on social media! 


Each Wacky Packages Minis come with five surprise mini toys and one  sticker. There are so many to collect - 60 products from old school brands to trendy new brands PLUS 6 rare “chase" styles to find! Track your collection with a checklist included. These zany cards appeal to both kids and adults, as more and more people in their 30's and 40's recall this childhood craze and desire to re-collect them. Wacky Packages Minis will blast the hobby of collecting Wacky Package to a whole new level. Collect them all!"

My Thoughts:

My girls were recently sent a 2 pack of the Wacky Packages Minis. The Wacky Packages Minis were tucked inside a brown bag, and included a plastic spoon. At first my girls didn't know what they were, but then they looked at the top of the package and saw one of five surprises that are included, along with a sticker in the Wacky Packages Minis container.  I don't know about you, but my girls are all about the blind bag/surprise toys, and love the thrill of unboxing and unwrapping things to see what they will get. And, if the toy lines comes with rare and ultra rare collectibles, it makes it even more fun, as they hope they get at least one hard to find collectible to show off to friends. Duplicates are always welcome as that means they can trade with friends for ones they need, to complete their collections.  

I watched as my girls unboxed their Wacky Packages Minis, and loved hearing them giggle as they read the labels of the common household products and foods we find in our kitchen cupboards and in our pantry.  

I loved collecting the Wacky Packs trading cards from the Topps Company as a child, and seeing these new Wacky Packages minis made me think back to these trading cards I had as a kid. Oh, how I wish I had saved them, as I know my girls would love seeing them, and they really were a big deal when I was kid, trading them at lunch time and recess and friends. Now, my girls get to trade these parody-type collectibles with their friends, and have fun seeing how many of the 66 collectibles in the series 1 they can unbox and collect.   And, with the holidays fast approaching, I know Wacky Packages Minis will be top on their wish lists, as they are now halfway there with their collection, thanks in part to the sample packs we were sent recently from Super Impulse, and then the girls' need to rush to the store to buy more with their allowance. :-)

You can learn all about Wacky Package Minis by visiting  There you can see all the silly collectibles in the series to collect, as well as how they are packaged in a playful way for kids (and even adults) to unbox:

Come on...what adult wouldn't want to have fun unboxing one of these Wacky Package Minis?  I sure am hoping Santa leaves me some of these in my stocking :-)

 Disclosure: I was sent a sample from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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