Monday, November 9, 2020

Keeping An Eye On Your Little One's Development


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We all want our kids to develop into capable, happy and well rounded adults. It’s our job to get them on the right path and guide their way on this journey until they are old enough to take their own development into their own hands. Now, there are countless areas of development that you can focus on when it comes to helping your child. The information below should introduce you to a few and give you some great guidance!

Academic Development

There are skills that your little one will pick up and that will be focused on at school. These tend to be academic skills that also have important elements for other aspects of day to day life, such as reading and writing, counting and doing other mathematics. Now, this education officially starts at school. But you can start earlier if you please. Look into how to teach your child to do all of these things. There are plenty of timelines online that will show you what skills and concept  children will generally be able to grasp at what ages. If you notice struggles, you may want to look deeper into specific areas. For example, if your child is struggling with writing, you may want to look into proper pencil grip development for help.

Consider Social Development

We often place a whole lot of emphasis on academic development but fail to consider development in other areas. Sure, academic development is important. But things like social development are too! Social development will help your child to live a happy and enjoyable life, filled with friends and others who they can play with, spend time with and grow with. There are many things you can do to encourage your child’s social development. A good and easy idea is to encourage them to sign up to clubs of their choice. These clubs should entail doing something that your little one enjoys. They will then find themselves surrounded by others with similar interests and who they can form friendships with. Whether that’s sports clubs, arts and crafts clubs, gardening clubs, kids cookery clubs or anything else!

Keep Track Once They Start School

Many parents assume that teachers will always take over when it comes to tracking their child’s development once their little one starts school. On some levels, this is true. Most teachers will be able to identify any difficulties that your child is facing and alert you to them if they become concerning or problematic. But that doesn’t mean that you should brush responsibility from your own shoulders completely. Instead, you should regularly check in with their teachers, check how they are getting on, ask whether the teacher has any recommendations that will help your little one and take these recommendations on board.

These are just a few areas to focus on. Your child’s development is extremely important and should feature highly on your list of priorities. Focus on some of the areas above to get started out in the right direction!

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