Tuesday, September 1, 2020

How To Bring A Vacation Vibe Into Your Home

With COVID ruining the vacation plans of millions, it’s no surprise that many of us are redecorating our homes as an alternative. If your holiday has been canceled due to the pandemic, but you’re not ready to let go of the vacation vibes just yet, then here’s how to bring them into your home. 

Bring in some fresh tropical flowers.

When you walk into a hotel lobby, one of the first things that you often see is a vase of beautiful, fresh, and local flowers. To bring a tropical vibe into your home, take a look at some of the tropical blooms from places such as With Our Aloha and have them delivered to your door. Arrange your new flowers elaborately in decorative vases in every room and use them to fill your whole home with bright colors and a tropical scent. 

Hang some rustic chandeliers. 

Forget old lampshades and harsh lighting; upgrade your pendant lights by installing beautiful rustic chandeliers that will make it feel like you live in a beach-front villa. Rope and macrame lights are very fashionable at the moment, as are basket lampshades made from bamboo, wicker, or raffia. 

Go crazy for palm print.

Nothing screams ‘vacation vibes’ quite like palm print. The only problem with tropical palm print wallpaper is that it can be a little too much in a small space or if used too frequently throughout your home. To keep things classy, rather than decorating the whole room, instead, choose neutral tones for most of your walls and use a colorful palm print as a feature wall. Redecorating your most frequently used rooms can be a great treat for yourself and your home

Bring the outside inside.

If palm print wallpaper isn’t your thing, why not opt for the real deal and bring some tropical trees inside your home. A fiddle leaf fig or a dracaena plant looks excellent inside a rustic wicker pot and will add a pop of green to your neutral decor. For low-maintenance desert vibes, instead, choose cactuses and succulents or something a little lusher, try a banana tree or a calathea. 

Set the scene with carefully selected scents 

Sun lotion, the sea, coconut, and tropical florals are just four of the most popular vacation smells, but whatever it is that reminds you of being on holiday, why not bring it into your home? Light a few scented candles or set up your diffuser to fill your home with a nostalgic aroma and sit back, close your eyes and imagine where you could be. 

Indulge in vacation food.

In the same way that certain smells can transport us to another location, so can specific tastes. Fill your fridge and pantry with holiday favorites like fresh seafood and regional spices, not forgetting the cocktail essentials, and then cook up a vacation-inspired meal. If you’ve saved money by not going abroad, then why not also splash out on a new BBQ or grill so that you can cook alfresco? If you can, set the table outside to dine under the stars and bring out a few candles to make the meal feel that little extra special. 

You may not be able to get away this year, but that shouldn’t stop you from bringing all of your favorite vacation vibes into your home. What reminds you of being on vacation? How could you bring that into your home?

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