Monday, June 29, 2020

Essential Treats for You and Your Home

As a mom, it can be hard to remember to treat yourself. You want to spend your money and time on your kids, right? It can be easy to feel guilty about taking ‘me time’, and justifying any expenditure is hard enough, and nigh on impossible if it feels extravagant or unnecessary. And yet… you deserve a treat every now and then! You work hard and give so much of yourself to others, that finding ways to give back to yourself is so important. However, as much as we all love massages, posh dinners out, and bouquets of flowers, there are some ways to find a compromise. For all those times when you want a little treat but can’t justify a huge extravagance, here are some ideas for extra home-care services that you can write off as ‘essentials’ whilst also enjoying the benefits for yourself!

Let in the Light

It’s one of those phenomenons you simply can’t appreciate until you’ve experienced it - sparkling clean windows. You might not realize it, but even the tiniest layer of dirt on your windows can drastically reduce the amount of light entering your home. Often, home-cleaning is laborious and it can only get you limited results, especially on upper floors. Getting a professional pressure washing service for your windows is an expenditure that both feels practical, but will also light up your day and make you feel just as refreshed as a walk in the park!

A Deep Clean

While we’re on the subject of cleaning, have you ever come around to the time for Spring Cleaning and already felt exhausted by the mere idea of it? If this is a familiar feeling, then why not treat yourself to a professional deep clean alongside your window service. It might seem like something only for rich people, but a lot of services are relatively affordable, and there’s nothing quite like having a day out and coming home to a sparkling, good-as-new house. This is the ultimate practical-treat that will save you time, energy, and help you feel relaxed in your own home.

Plant Delivery

Okay, so it might seem over-the-top, but house plants are one of the best things in the world. They oxygenate your home, they look great, they add color, and they can make you feel better about life without even trying. You might not have the time to browse through garden centers with kids attached to your hip, so why not get the plants brought to you? You can make a one-off order, or invest in one of the many subscription services that have popped up, so you can build your plant collection and get a lovely surprise every month. There are worse ways to treat yourself and spruce up your home at the same time!

Design a Hideaway

Curling up with a hot chocolate or a glass of wine and reading a good book after the kids are in bed - sounds good, doesn’t it? Treats don’t have to be super extravagant, sometimes it’s just about taking some time to connect with something you enjoy. You can make this experience feel even more special by creating yourself a little nook that you can escape to within your home. Get some luxurious cushions, a print of your favorite painting, and voila! You’ll have your own little corner of peace that you can retreat to and treat yourself whenever you need it.

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