Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Keeping Your Child Safe Around Dogs – A Mom’s Guide

We all know that dogs are just as much a part of the family, as our children are. We love them, care for them and treasure every moment we have with them. So, it makes sense that we want every member of our family to get along. However, there’s a big difference in your child having a tussle with a sibling and having a disagreement with the family pet. 

The more your child knows about staying safe around dogs and respecting their personal space and boundaries, the more likely they are to avoid being bitten or finding themselves in a perilous scenario with a dangerous dog. If you need to speak to a dog bite lawyer, click the link. 
Here we’ll take a look at how you can keep your child safe around dogs...
Ensure your dog has quiet time
We all need a little quiet time now and again. And so does your dog, especially if your household is a busy one. Giving your dog time to enjoy some peace and quiet away from the children and family is essential. It gives them a chance to relax and destress. Find a place that is dedicated to your dogs' quiet time. And ensure that everyone knows not to disturb the dog when it's in there.
Don’t leave your child alone with the dog

It doesn’t matter how responsible your child is or how well trained your dog might be. You should never leave a child alone with a dog. Accidents happen, so you must always be there to supervise.
Teach your child to be gentle

Ear pulling, tail grabbing, handfuls of fur and even jumping and climbing. Most dogs are patient, but it won't take long for them to potentially lose their temper and snap. Remember, that it's not their fault. And instead, encourage your child to play gently with the dog. Soft stroking, petting and positive encouragement.
Keep away from strange dogs
Be wary of dogs on the street, even if they seem friendly. A sudden movement from your friendly child might insight them to bite, snap or bark. Unless the owner agrees, keep your children away from dogs they don’t know and remind them that not all dogs are friendly.
Be wary of toys
Your dog’s toys are exactly that – your dogs. Therefore, discourage your little one from snatching dog chews and toys, especially if your dog is playing with them! This could encourage aggressive and territorial behaviour. 

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