Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Gift Ideas for Teenagers

Babies are easy going when it comes to gifts. Cuddly toys and something that sings a few words of nursery rhyme when its colourful buttons are pressed are very much the order of the day. Simple minds seek simple pleasures. Then children grow up a bit and hit their teens, where their once simple minds are now still quite simple but not quite as mind numbingly simple, and the task of finding the balance between gifts that are too baby-ish and gifts that are too practical and not enough fun becomes all that more difficult. Simply finding a shop or a website that stocks a range of ideas is hard enough - although we have enjoyed browsing the ideas on this site. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at a couple of imaginative ways that you can mix fun and useful practicality to impress even the hardest to buy for teens.

Stuff for their bedroom

Teens don’t mean to be annoying, but they can’t help it. Everything they say or do seems contradictory or confused in some way, and they’re just as upset about it as we are. Why are they like this? Probably has something to do with the huge shift in their cognitive development, mixed with a hormonal imbalance that would be enough to make an elephant sulk. In short, they’re trying to find themselves. That’s why stuff for their rooms is an excellent gift idea that can scarcely go wrong. We mean gifts that have status. A monetary value. Something they can own and prop their personality up against. Think swanky high back executive desk chairs. Think miniature refrigerators just big enough for a few cans of soda and a snack. Think full length mirrors, lava lamps, or an actual real desk lamp. They don’t have the money to kit out their rooms, but you do. And they’ll thank you for it.

Shoes, shoes, shoes

If we say it three times maybe it’ll make an impact. Shoes cost a lot of money. At least, the shoes teenagers want cost a lot of money. As you get older, having a few pairs of shoes will do. But to teenagers, status is everything. Being seen in the same clothes twice in the same day is enough to make a teenager blush. And whereas jeans and t-shirts can be picked up relatively inexpensively, the cost of shoes (trainers, sneakers, etc.) is likely to be out of their reach. Did someone say shopping trip? It’s an easy win that you don’t even have to think about. 

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