Monday, March 9, 2020

Using Weighted Swaddle Blankets to Ensure Safe and Comfortable Sleep for Kids

While researching sleep accessories for their kids, young parents may come across the fantastic swaddle blankets. These weighted blankets have become very popular, owing to the benefits they offer. Every four out of five parents get recommendations from their family to buy the weighted swaddle blanket.
What Are Weighted Blankets?
As the name suggests, these blankets are heftier than the regular ones, generally about 10% of the kid's weight. Depending on the texture and maintenance, parents can choose those with a filling consisting of beads, poly pellets, metals, and rice. These materials make the weighted blanket suitable for kids to relax.
Concept Behind Weighted Blankets
The swaddle blanket works on the theory of deep touch pressure (DTP). The blanket exerts a gentle pressure on the infant wrapped in it, aiding in increasing the release of hormones called serotonin and melatonin. The chemical hormones induce relaxation and reduce stress, thus improving the child’s sleep.
Features of an Exceptional Weighted Blanket
The dimensions of the weighted blanket, in terms of weight and size, and the material, depends on the child. It is essential to choose the quilt with the right specifications, suitable for the child.
The weight of the swaddle blanket counts on the child's weight. Ideally, these blankets should be 10% of the kid's weight, plus one or two pounds. Likewise, the blanket size varies with the baby's height. While buying a suitable blanket, make sure it is long enough to cover the baby's feet. 
Also, these blankets should not be oversized, that may hang out of the baby’s crib. The other significant feature to consider is filling. Fillings like inner poly pellet beads are entirely safe and non-toxic.
Furthermore, the blankets should exceed the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission standards. It is advisable to use quality fabrics like 100% breathable and soft cotton. 

Ways to Introduce Weighted Swaddle Blankets to the Child
Infants accustomed to regular blankets will quickly adapt to the weighted blankets. However, parents can face a challenge while introducing weighted blankets to kids with special needs.
As the first rule, do not forcefully use these swaddle blankets on the kids, if they are not comfortable. Start using a good quality weighted blanket gradually, for short duration, until the child gets used to it.
Do not rush things, since the baby, initially, may feel a little pressure from the blanket. The pressure can irritate them. However, the kids will surely start enjoying their nap time, as they will eventually begin to feel relaxed, owing to the blanket material.
Weighted Blankets Improve Quality of Sleep
There are several benefits of using a weighted swaddle blanket. It keeps the child calm and helps them feel a warm embrace. A child covered in a weighted blanket will feel hugged and secure as if wrapped in their parent's arms. Also, with the increased release of serotonin and melatonin hormones, their sleep activity improves. The weighted blankets, thus, ensure a continuous and comfortable sleep.
A durable weighted swaddle blanket will give optimal results, ensuring the child has a safe and deep sleep. Make sure to buy high quality, safety certified, and doctor approved swaddle blankets, guaranteeing an improved relaxation. 

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