Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Tips For Organizing Your Garage

Whether your home’s garage is more of a man cave, or just a place for storage, over time, it can get crowded. It always seems like everything you want but doesn’t want to throw away can spend some time in the garage. After all a garage is an excellent place to store things unless you like keeping the basics like tools and the cars in there.

What does your garage look like now?

Before getting into the tip for organizing, you need to ask yourself what it looks like now and what you’d like out of the space. This is often the best way to get organized. Are you the type that has things thrown everywhere? Do you have boxes and boxes stacked to the ceiling? If you’re keeping your garage more like a shed, it’s time to go through and get rid of the excess.

Your garage isn’t just an additional space to store all the extra items; you simply don’t know what to do with. If you’re unable to part the car in the space, meant for parking your vehicle, there’s a problem. Spend some time going through and eliminating the clutter. Everything doesn’t have to get thrown away, but sorting items you’ll use versus what’s needing storage can go a long way.

Don’t be afraid to throw things away.

It can be hard-throwing things away. In many cases, the items collected in the garage are worth some money or cash was spent on them. It can seem silly throwing these things away, and an even bigger waste of money. But, we assure you, it is okay to do so. If you haven’t used or don’t plan to use something in your garage in the next nine months or so, the ‘stuff’ is just taking up space, and it’s time to go. But you have options.

Donating Is Okay Too

Eliminating clutter doesn’t always mean your items are destined for the landfill. Instead, while organizing your things, consider donating to a good cause. Many charities offer pickup services. These pickup services are convenient, and often same-day.

Everything Has Its Place

One of the most effective systems you can invest in is shelving units. If your garage currently doesn’t have storage designated areas, consider buying some cheap units to install. Shelving comes in plastic or metal options. These can help keep things off the floor and group things together you might need. Do you have a mechanic in the family? Shelving units can store car parts and accessories until they are ready to use them. This keeps everything not only together, but also easily locatable.

Is storage bins right for you?

There is one fantastic product, available on right now, perfect for organizing your garage space. Storage bins that keep items out of your way and are secured on the ceiling. This method for storage can double the square footage of usable space while allowing you to reclaim your garage.

With an EZ Slide ToteSystem, there is tons of potential for storing items. You can keep holiday lights and accessories all grouped for easy finding and airtight protection against moisture and animals. The system was created with durable, but lightweight parts, and is one of the most simplistic tote storage systems to maintain.

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