Wednesday, March 25, 2020

4 Reasons Why You Need Baby Hats in Australia

Guest Post by: Eliza Gilbert

Australia’s hot weather has triggered dozens of fires and drought recently. Babies are at higher risk of developing heat-related illnesses because they don’t easily adjust to extreme temperatures.  Therefore, moms should protect their babies by keeping them hydrated and dressing them in fresh clothes. The skin of babies contains too little melanin to protect them from the sun. Therefore, sunscreen, cotton clothes, and baby hats in Australia are must-have items in your nappy bag.

Here are four specific reasons why you should consider getting a hat to protect your baby.

To Protect Your Baby from Heat 

The Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency (ARPANSA) is committed to studying radiation and keep Australians safe from its harmful effects.  With their Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) testing, the federal agency releases a list of products that have passed their stringent examination. Products include swimwear, sunglasses, sunscreens, and hats.

According to pediatrician Andy Bernstein, babies need protective clothing with UPF of 50+ as the best form of UV protection against skin cancer.  For your baby, look for baby hats in Australia labelled with UPF 50+. Such hats are their best protection against heat exhaustion, heatstroke, and sunburn.

To Comfort Your Baby

Most moms observe that their babies cling to objects like blankets, soft toys, or a piece of cloth for comfort.  Baby hats in Australia are made of soft materials, can also be a ‘transitional object.’ 

According to Professor Frank Oberklaid of Australia’s Murdoch Children’s Research Institute, babies need transitional objects to comfort themselves when separated from their parents.  They hang on to these objects like a “companion,” a friend to sleep with, and converse.

Since baby hats are lightweight and made of crisp cotton, babies relate donning a hat with comfort and being in their mommy’s presence. You may want to consider buying more than one hat – some for wearing and one for your baby to hold on to as a comfort object.

To Make Your Baby Look Stylish

Modern baby hats in Australia come in many attractive designs and colours.  Here are some popular models:

  • Legionnaire hats, also known as flap hats, protect the skin on the ears and neck, which are sensitive areas more prone to damage from ultraviolet rays.  These hats have flaps that cover your baby’s nape and sides.

  • Bucket hats are adorable hats with a round brim that covers your baby’s head, from front to back.

  • Beach hats are similar to bucket hats but with wider brims.

  • Swim hats are handy for trips to the beach or swimming pools.  Aside from protecting your baby from the UV rays, these hats are made of materials like nylon that quickly dry and are chlorine-friendly.  Your baby can safely wear the hat the entire day.

To ensure that the baby hat has passed ARPANSA standards, look for the UPF certification trademark.

Baby Hats are for Long-term use

Since 97% of households in Australia have washing machines, you will have no problem with cleaning baby hats in Australia.  Manufacturers recommend machine-washing on gentle cycle and drying in the shade.

Baby hats will grow along with the baby.  Its drawstring is adjustable and stretchable to the baby’s head.  

Baby hats Australia are absolute necessities to protect your baby against the damages of excessive heat.  By choosing 100% Aussie-owned products, you will be contributing to the local economy.

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  1. This was very informative to read. It upsets me so much during the hot summer months here in the U.S. when I see babys out with no hat on.
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