Monday, February 17, 2020

When You Will Need a Commercial Vehicle Accident Lawyer

When is a road traffic accident not an ordinary road traffic accident? When it involves a commercial or 18 wheeler vehicle. Accidents involving one of these monsters of the road is more than likely going to result in carnage and probably result in at least one fatality. If you or a member of your family have been in an accident with one of these vehicles you don't want an ordinary car accident lawyer to represent you, you need an 18 wheeler accident lawyer.
Why a Trucking Lawyer?

99% of the time a trucking company will try to defend an accident case involving one of their vehicles. Their often aggressive tactics can be too much for your everyday accident attorney, so somebody with experience of dealing with these companies is going to get you a better result. Trucking companies will have reps on the scene often within minutes of an accident being reported and they will do their best to grab whatever incriminating evidence they can get their hands on in order to reduce any claims made against them. A dedicated truck attorney knows all their tricks and will be well known to these companies as somebody who isn't going to just give up and walk away.
A Costly Business

Accident cases involving 18 wheelers or trucks or any other commercial vehicles are renowned for being both lengthy and costly. It's unlikely an attorney will take on such a case unless he is certain he will win. Why? Because he must have the resources at his disposal to fight these companies who will spend a substantial amount of time, and money, defending themselves. As most clients will settle their accident lawyers bill at the end out of their compensation, the lawyer must have funds available to fight your corner. Even if everyone agrees that the accident was the fault of the 18 wheeler, that does not mean the truck company will hold up their hands, accept responsibility and give you the payout you deserve.
On Your Side

There could be times when your case gets very nasty, and you will wonder if it's all worthwhile. It can be comforting to know that you have one of the best truck accident lawyers on your side to take care of everything and make the whole process as stress-free as possible for the client. When it comes to preparing your case they will have experts and the latest technology at their disposal in order to make your case as transparent as possible for the jury. The easier it is for the jury to understand your case the more likely you will get a favorable result.
Scary Statistics
It is estimated that every 16 minutes somebody is seriously injured or killed in an accident involving a truck. Around half of these are 18 wheelers and the accident stats for these particular vehicles are increasing yearly. Despite these frightening statistics, there is still a fraternity of lobbyists working on behalf of the trucking companies to reduce current truck safety measures in order to make more money. Only a truck lawyer with the very highest levels of expertise and experience can take on people like this and win, and you deserve to have that person on your team.


  1. That is really scary stuff. I hate being on the interstate around them honestly.