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What Mystical Mysteries Will You Child Find Inside the #Vendees Holo Unicorn on Christmas Morning? - This is a Must Have Gift for Fans of Surprise Toys and Crafting (Review)

Disclosure: I was provided with sample from Horizon Group USA to facilitate my review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

It is hard to find a child who doesn't love all the different surprise toys available. But, if you have to been to the stores lately and walked down the toy aisles, it is hard to decide which of these fun surprise/mystery toys to get your child.  There really are so many to count, and they all vary in price and quality of product. My girls will save up their allowance just to buy a bling bag or surprise toy, in hopes of completing a series.  They have found out through trial and error which surprise toys are worth buying and collecting. I have also found which ones my girls really like and the ones they don't -- the ones they don't will end up on the floor for me to kick around or step on. Ugh!  

With the holidays fast approaching, many kids will be adding blind bags and surprise toys to their wish lists.  I know this as these found their way at the top of both of my girls' lists.  Some they are specific on, while they also left room for Santa to surprise them with any new ones that he and the elves may be working on in the toy shop.  One surprise toy that both of my girls were specific in asking for was the Vendees Surprise D.I.Y. Dispensers from Horizon Group USA.  Recently, we were sent a sample for each of my girls to try out, and they absolutely LOVED it!

What mystical mysteries will you find inside the #Vendees Holo Unicorn? 🦄  Visit the link to find out! 👉

Here is more about the new Vendees Surprise D.I.Y. Dispensers from Horizon Group USA, which is a must have toy for kids of all ages, who love crafting and surprise collectible toys...

"Unravel your Vendees box and uncover multiple surprises and activities featured in the Vendees holographic Unicorn Paintable kit! Pull on colorful tabs to reveal surprises such as trinkets, toys and more! Once you have finished unraveling your box, begin the featured activity of embellishing your whimsical Unicorn sculpture with vibrant paint, sparkling glitter, and an easy-to-use paint brush to add an eye-catching holographic effect. Express your creativity As you learn to mix paint colors for new hues that make your details pop! Recommended for ages 6 and up."

First, retrieve your 6 surprises from the Vendees Surprise D.I.Y. Dispenser....

Then, paint your magical unicorn with the paints, glitter and brush included in the kit...


Like I mentioned above, there are so many blind bag/surprise toys available, many of which as a parent I feel are a waste of money, as they are poorly made or not worth the money.  But, after seeing the Vendees Surprise D.I.Y. Dispensers, I was wowed by this fun product, which contains 6 surprises that are dispensed from the box like a vending machine, along with a HOLO UNICORN to paint. So, not only do kids get a fun arts and crafts product to paint, but they also get 6 surprises.

Currently, there are six vending machine themes available:

  • Atomic Rainbow
  • Far Out Fantasy
  • Go Wild!
  • Holo Unicorn
  • Snack Attack 
  • Sweet Treat
Each of the above mentioned themes are set up the same way, with a paintable figurine to collect and display, as well as dispense and reveal 6 surprises inside the vending machine dispenser style box.  The DIY dispenser box of these Vendees toys really is cool. I found myself wishing something like this was available when I was a kid, as I would have been asking Santa for all the themes to enjoy and collect.

My girls really had a blast not only painting their unicorns, but also dispensing and revealing their 6 surprises to go with the unicorn theme.  

Everything you need to paint the unicorn is included in the box -- 1 sculpture, 4 paint tubes, 4 glitter, 1 sticker sheet and 1 paint brush. 

As far as what surprises you get with the Vendees Holo Unicorn DIY dispenser, each of my girls got the following:

  • 1 scrunchie
  • 1 key chain
  • 1 finished bracelet
  • 1 ring
  • 1 blind bag with 1 coin and 1 scratch off sticker
They were both all smiles as they painted their magical unicorn figures, which are now sitting up on their dressers to admire.  And, when it came time to dispense their surprises and goodies, they kept letting out shrieks of excitement with each capsule drop and reveal.  Seeing just how excited they were with the Vendees Holo Unicorn vending machine, I was quick to head on over to Amazon to order the 5 other themed vending machines to wrap and surprise them come Christmas morning.  I knew way before they added more Vendees to their wish lists, that they would be asking for more, as they couldn't stop talking about how cool the Vendees surprise DIY dispenser is, and how it is not like the other surprise/blind bag collectibles they have bought or collected.  They even have their friends asking Santa for Vendees, as they got them excited about this product from Horizon Group USA, after showing them the vending machine box and the paintable figurine that comes with it, along with all their surprise gifts.   I was surprised that many of their friends had never heard about Vendees before, but now they do, and like my girls and so many other kids, they are adding Vendees to their wish lists in hopes Santa brings them at least one of the 6 themes to enjoy.

You can learn more about the Vendees Surprise D.I.Y Dispensers by visiting the Horizon Group USA website here:  And, right now you can score the Holo Unicorn themed Vendees vending machine over at Amazon for only $13.59.  They also have the other 5 themes available for purchase, but those are all priced at $19.99.  This isn't a bad price based on all the goodies you get with this well-made DIY dispenser. But, if you are on the fence after seeing your kids go through so many poorly made blind bag/surprise toys, this is a great deal to pick up the Holo Unicorn theme and see why my girls LOVED it so much, and want the other 5 themes from Vendees.  Hurry as Amazon is always quick to change up their pricing, and this will probably go back up to $19.99 like the others sometime soon.

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Disclosure: I was provided with sample from Horizon Group USA to facilitate my review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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