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Ravensburger Puzzles Make a Great Gift Idea for Kids and Adults + They Provide Lasting Memories Through Quality Time Spent Putting Them Together as Family (Review) #ravensburgermoment

Disclosure: I was sent sample from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

This afternoon we are expected to get our first real snowfall in New England for the year.  And, you would think that it was going to be a repeat of the Blizzard of '78 based on how people are going crazy stocking up at the market and buying extra shovels and supplies.  But, I guess that it is just how people are when they hear "snow" for the first time for a season.  While I did go out and buy milk and some food in case we do get the 12 inches plus sleet mix they are talking about, I am not going as we have lost a fridge full of food on a few occasions when they power went out and stayed out for a few days.  

While many people are running around prepping for the storm, I am gathering up fun things for my family to do together, as we watch the snow falling outside.  It isn't a snow storm in our house with puzzles -- and, our favorite brand is Ravensburger.  Ravensburger offers a wonderful selection of puzzles for the whole family.  From character puzzles including the new Toy Story 4 and Frozen II movies, to festive holiday puzzles that the whole family can work together in completing, Ravensburger puzzles are a great gift idea, that will be enjoyed long after the Christmas tree is taken down.

Recently, the kind folks at Ravensburger sent along two of their new puzzles for my family to enjoy and review.  

We have a small table set up in the living room that the girls do their crafting and puzzle making on, and right now they are working on the super sized Ruff Day (19939) puzzle from Ravensburger. 

This puzzle has 750 pieces that are large and extra large in size, making them easy to see and handle. I don't know about you, but as I have gotten older, my eyes seem to play tricks on me, especially when I am doing puzzles with my family.  I think I have one piece to an area, and then when I go to place it, I realize it doesn't even match the coloring to the particular area.  I guess after sitting for hours doing puzzles, the pieces can look the same.  But, that doesn't stop me from enjoying puzzle time with my girls.  I grew up having a puzzle going on the family's card table in the living room, and even had puzzles going at both my grandparents' houses.  Whenever we would go to visit, we would pull up a seat and try and place some pieces.  It was always fun when we would be able to sit around, or gather around the card table adding the last few pieces to complete a puzzle we had been working on for a while.  My dad or brother would always try holding out a piece so that they could place the final piece.  Oh, how I would hate the sneaking a piece and then having us all looking all about on the floor for the missing piece, only to place the puzzle piece and smile.

And, with today's impending storm, which has just started as I sit here typing this post, we have two puzzles going -- one on the table in the living room the girls work on, and one at the dining room table.  Last night, I started the NYC Christmas puzzle, as a fun way to let the girls know that we would be heading into the city in a couple weeks to see the tree in Rockefeller Center this year, and go ice skating. 

They have never been to NYC, so it will be a fun way to introduce them to the Big Apple, and what better way to welcome in the holidays than will a visit to see the tree and go ice skating, just like this fun festive 1000 piece puzzle from Ravensburger shows.  My girls were so excited when I shared the trip news this AM, and that got them even more excited to sit down and help me finish off the frame of the puzzle, so that we could start filling it in.  But, before they can help my husband and I with the NYC Christmas puzzle, the girls want to finish their oh so cute Ruff Day puzzle they started the other day. 

They have been waking early and going to bed late, just so that they could work on this puzzle.  I love seeing them get excited about puzzling making, and it is a great way to get the family together without any electronics, phones or TV, to enjoy quality time together.  I wanted to show the girls' progress so far, but my oldest is adamant about me not taking a photo of the puzzle until it is complete.  So, I guess you will have to keep an eye out on my social media pages as I will share the completed Ruff Day Ravensburger puzzle there once they are done. :-)

This is what the puzzle put together will look like -- I can't get over how cute these pups are! 
This puzzle would make a great gift idea for a dog lover in your life. :-)

In the meantime, let the snow fall, as I am all ready to enjoy some quality puzzle making time with my family, as we talk about the holidays and things we want to see and do when we head into the city in a couple of weeks.  It will be so nice to show the girls Rockefeller Center in person with the huge lit up Christmas tree and ice skating rink, after we complete this fun limited edition puzzle from Ravensburger.  So, while you are checking and re-checking your holiday shopping list, why not consider adding puzzles to the list for your family and friends.  Puzzles always make a great gift idea, and will be enjoyed long after the holidays are over.  

My family loves to glue the pieces of the puzzles once done so that we can turn them in posters to hang on the wall and admire.  But, there have been a few occasions that we have passed the puzzles along to family and friends to try their luck at putting together these challenging but oh so fun puzzles.  And, every time they return the puzzles, they are quick to say how much they liked the puzzle quality and how the images are so fun and eye pleasing.  I couldn't agree with them more...and, that is why when I am in the market for new puzzles for my family or to give as gifts, I head on over to I have yet to be disappointed with our puzzle purchases, and continue to rave about them and recommend Ravensburger to family and friends looking for a good quality puzzle brand.  

So, what are you waiting for? Head on over to and stock up on a few new puzzles for your family to enjoy this winter, as you watch the snow fall outside.  It really is a fun way to enjoy time with family, and really does keep kids of all ages (and adults) entertained and not walking around bored. 


Disclosure: I was sent sample from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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