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Send a "Hello" from Home to Your Kids Away at School This Holiday Season with the Freshman Fun Box - Filled with Snacks, Personal Care and Life Skills Goodies! (Review) #collegecarepackage #subscriptionbox #collegesurvival

Disclosure: I was sent a sample from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

I live in the Quiet Corner of CT, which is full of farms and countryside. But, it is also home to a handful of boarding and private schools.  And, about 30 minutes away is UCONN, as well as many other well-known colleges in CT as well as in nearby Rhode Island. You could say that we live in the "sweet spot" of CT as it is not only full of open land areas making for a nice scenic drive during all four season, but we are also within driving distance to some of the most prestigious and popular schools for high school and college students.  We have many celebrities sending their children to the boarding schools, as well as other countries including China, Spain, Saudi Arabia, etc.  This offers such a diverse popular of visiting students, and is a great way to get our little "Quiet Corner" on the map.

Surprising with the holidays fast approaching, many children who have come from other counties or far away states end up staying at the schools during the winter/holiday break. Some stay because they don't celebrate Christmas, while others may find it a hassle to head home for a week or two break, or the cost of round trip travel is expensive.  Whatever the reason, I love seeing the communities come together and welcome these students into their homes during the holidays either by inviting them over for Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner, or even taking them in during the entire break, and getting them out of their dorm rooms.  The students become part of the family and it is a great learning experience for everyone, learning about new customs, nationalities, and traditions.  My husband and I plan to welcome boarding students into our home in a couple of years, when our girls get a little older and can appreciate this experience with the foreign exchange students who come from far away to get a high school or college education, while experiencing life in America on their own.  I am always impressed when I see the boarding school students out and about. They carry themselves so well, and are so well mannered.  I don't know how they can be so far away from home, especially during the holidays, when you want to be together as a family.

In putting together my holiday gift guide this year, I wanted to share some great gift ideas for families who may have children away at school during the holidays, but want to still send them gifts to enjoy for the holidays.  When I stumbled upon Freshman Fun Box a couple of months ago, I knew that I had to include this subscription box to my gift guide, as it would be perfect to send to students away at boarding school or college during the holidays.

Here is more about the monthly subscription box, Freshman Fun Box:

"Your student is going away to school and you’re feeling anxious. What’s going on? Is it because you’re worried about their safety? Whether they will eat? What about all the other things they need? That’s where Freshman Fun Box comes in. We take the guesswork out of what they need, add in a few life skills and a whole lot of surprise and fun!

The items in this college care package change every month to make sure they never lack. And ... it’s easier for you because you don’t have to worry about them calling home for money, or wondering whether or not they went to the store and picked up they what they need. From monthly treats to birthdays ... Freshman Fun Box covers it all. No matter what level of college, they’ll always be happy when you send that hello from home.

I was curious to see what types of products were included in a monthly subscription box, so the kind folks at Freshman Fun Box sent along a "Middle School Fun Box" sample box for my girls and I to enjoy. Look at all the goodies included with a box (Note: products change each month)...

 There was a lot of stuff packed into the Freshman Fun Box, including a t-shirt, drawstring bag, notebook and pen, a super cute inspirational coffee mug, and some tasty treats including two cans of Pringles and a Kind bar.  

Every month, the items change to make sure students have what they need and parents are worry free. Each box is guaranteed to have 5-7 items, including school, personal care and life skills goodies.

In addition to the middle school fun box ($49.99) that I was sent, you can also choose from a high school fun box ($49.99), freshman fun box for college students ($69.99), and also the The HBCU Box  ($69.99) for college students of color.  You have the option of sending a one time box, or setting up a recurring subscription (which you can cancel at anytime).

My girls and I really enjoy checking out the different goodies in the Freshman Fun Box we were sent.  They love cooking in the kitchen and couldn't wait to try out the recipes that were included on recipe cards in the box.  All of the recipes with easy to prepare, and tasted great. I could see kids away at school whipping up these quick and easy recipes when they don't want to head to the cafeteria for a meal, or are up late studying or working on a paper.  I lived away at college for four years, and would have loved to have received a Freshman Fun Box care package in the mail. My dorm mates would have been impressed and envious of the goodies I would be receiving each month, and would have been asking their parents to sign them up so that they could get some fun mail during the school year. :-)

You really do get a lot of stuff in these care packages, which ship nationwide.  My girls liked the branded t-shirt and drawstring bag, and were quick to eat the snacks included.  Even though they live at home, they asked me to sign them up for a Freshman Fun Box, as they love getting mail, and what student wouldn't want to get a box filled with snacks, personal care products and life skills goodies to help them get through the school year?  With winter break for boarding schools and colleges over the country, now is the time to sign up and send off a Freshman Fun Box to your kids who will be staying on campus during the holidays.  They will love getting unexpected mail that is filled with goodies they will love and actually use.

Be sure to use coupon code WELCOME at checkout to save 10% off our order!

You can learn more about the Freshman Fun Box subscription care package boxes that can be sent to students in middle school through college, away at school by visiting  The college and boarding school boxes ship once a month, while the middle and high school boxes are quarterly.   Check out the special birthday-themed box for students who will be celebrating a birthday while away from home.  

These care packages would even make for a great gift ideas for families who will be hosting or taking in nearby boarding school and college students for the holidays. 

They will be surprised and feel loved when they open up a Freshman Fun Box and see all the goodies inside for them to enjoy, while away from home, this holiday season.  

Disclosure: I was sent a sample from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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