Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Make a Flashion Statement with Unique and Fun LED Light-Up Shirts This Holiday Season -- They Make for Great Gift Ideas for Kids and Adults! (Review)

Disclosure: I was sent samples from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

Are you looking for a unique gift that will be a show stopper?  Then, look no further than Flashion Statement this holiday season. Their LED light-up t-shirts are super cool and a fun gift idea for both kids and adults.  These light up shirts are guaranteed conversation starters, and will have everyone who sees your sound activated shirt in action want one. 

More about the sound activated LED shirts from Flashion Statements:

"We offer 12 different unique designs of sound activated LED t-shirts. The shirts use a small hidden battery pack (and 2 AAA batteries) to make the design animate and light up based on the sound and noise around you. There is a microphone built into the battery pack to detect noise, and a sensitivity dial for you to adjust how much noise is detected based on your setting. These animated shirts are perfect for concerts, festivals, and more."


The kind folks at Flashion Statement sent along two of their best selling LED light-up t-shirts for my review. I had requested them in sizes for my husband and I to wear, but as soon as my two girls saw the t-shirts, they claimed them as their own.  

They love flashy clothes and dressing in unique color choices and patterns, so these shirts were right up their alley.  Even before they knew the shirts lit, they were sold on the fun designs on the front of the shirts, which included a unicorn vomiting a out a rainbow, and a heart emitting a rainbow of colors.

It wasn't until I added the AAA batteries and turned on the music that the girls couldn't stop smiling and giggling as they looked down at their t-shirts from Flashion Statements lighting up.  Once the music stopped, I had them talk to show how the shirt's built-in microphone detects sound and lights up.  Both of my girls thought these t-shirts were the coolest thing ever, and had never seen anything like it before.

You can’t help but smile when you see the LED sound activated shirts from Flashion Statement all lit up, with the bright and vibrant colors dancing all about.  Using a small hidden battery pack, each Flashion Statement shirt animates to sound and music, creating a wow-worthy effect. When you flip the switch to “on” everyone will be amazed at the colors shining through with the awesome animated effects . 

These LED light-up shirts from Flashion Statement are a creative and unique gift for kids and adults, that can be used for countless events including festivals, carnivals, bar hopping, family reunions, birthday parties and more. If you have a sense of humor when it comes to your attire, or like dressing in unique styles, then you will love the LED shirts from Flashion Statements Their LED light-up shirts are all exclusive designs that you will not find anywhere else.  So, the only way to buy these shirts to gift them for the holidays is through their website: https://www.flashionstatement.com/.  Most shirt cost $24.99, but right now there are a handful of designs on sale for only $16.99.  

After seeing these fun LED light up activated shirts up close and how they make everyone who sees light up smile, I now want a shirt for myself, and want to gift them to family and friends this holiday season.  

This is one of those gifts that everyone will love, even those hard to shop for people on your list. And, for those who say they have everything...I doubt they have a Flashion Statement LED light up t-shirt.  

In addition to sound-activated LED shirts, Flashion Statements also offers some other cool LED products for both people and pets.  For pets, they have nautical and neon reflective LED dog collars.  And, for people, they offer LED bracelets and fun LED drawstring bags, in addition to the sound activated shirts I shared all about above.  You can learn all about these super fun and cool LED products for people and their four-legged furry friends by visiting https://www.flashionstatement.com/.

Disclosure: I was sent samples from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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