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Kids Will Have a Blast Stretching and Molding the New SLIMYGLOOP® SLIMYSAND Compound from Horizon Group USA -- Makes for a Great Gift Idea or Stocking Stuffer for Kids Ages 5+ (Review)

Disclosure: I was provided with samples from Horizon Group USA to help facilitate my review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

Last year I included SLIMYGLOOP from Horizon Group USA as part of my holiday gift guide, and had a handful of readers reach out or comment on my review post and social shares about how much fun their kids had with the Instant SLIMYGLOOP sets they picked up and gifted them for the holidays.  Some parents picked them these DIY all-in-one slime kits and enjoyed with their kids prior to the holidays on a snow day to keep their kids entertained.  And, after their kids experienced SLIMYGLOOP and how easy it is to make your own fun and unique slime to play with, the kids wanted more slime kits, and requested them from Santa.

After my initial review of the SLIMYGLOOP slime kits that were sent my way for review, I also picked up more kits to have on hand for rainy/snow days, as well as to share with my girls as part of our "Funday Fridays" where we do hands on fun and learning.  My girls, like so many other kids, go crazy for slime. And, being able to make their own slime was so much fun.  

We have tried to make our own slime over the years, but we can never get the ratio of Borax and saline solution, to make the slime come out right. Either it is too sticky or too runny.  And, clean up of our slime blunders is always a sticky mess. But, thanks to slime YouTubers that my girls watch and all their super cool slime products, my girls keep wanting to try their hand at making them own slime to play with and trade with friends.  Thanks to D.I.Y. all-in-one slime kits like SLIMYGLOOP from Horizon Group USA, my girls can whip up their own unique slime to play with, without needing extra supplies or a run to the craft store to buy expensive slime activator.  I like that these slime kits contain everything your kids need to make their own slime.

After last year's Instant SLIMYGLOOP kit surprises under the tree for my girls, I wanted to see if SLIMYGLOOP has come out with other slime products for this holiday season. After visiting the SLIMYGLOOP section on the Horizon Group USA website, I was so happy to see other fun slime kits and products that would make for great under the tree gifts and stocking stuffer ideas. Before I share about a super cool new product from the SLIMYGLOOP line called SLIMY SAND, I wanted to share more about SLIMYGLOOP, in case you weren't already aware of these all-in-one DIY slime kits for kids, available now at most major retailers and online at Amazon...

More about SlimyGloop:

"SLIMYGLOOP brand slime is an innovative line of DIY, all-in-one slime kits that give kids a fun, hands-on experience they can create on their own. From Unicorn SLIMYGLOOP to Galaxy SLIMYGLOOP, trends found in social media are incorporated to inspire creativity and appeal to a variety of interests. 

Beyond all-in-one slime kits, the SLIMYGLOOP brand includes many mess-free, quick slime solutions including Instant SLIMYGLOOP and SLIMYGLOOP Mix’Ems. From chemistry and math, to sensory play and fine motor skills, the SLIMYGLOOP brand offers children a number of learning opportunities, as well as a great hands-on experience."


As I mentioned above, I was recently sent two containers of SLIMYGLOOP SLIMY SAND for my girls to help me review, and for inclusion in my holiday gift guide. 

SLIMYGLOOP SLIMYSAND is a unique, ready-to-play compound that molds like sand, but stretches and expands like SLIMYGLOOP, providing kids with hours of imaginative fun.  Children can use molds, rollers and stamps for more ways to play. The less-mess SLIMYGLOOP SLIMYSAND doesn't crumble like other "play sands" and has a real satisfying stretch."


We were sent one container of purple SLIMYGLOOP SLIMYSAND and one pink container, both with a net weight of 1.5 lbs.  These are good size slime containers, and have a resealable lid to store your SLIMYSAND, so that you can enjoy time and time again.

This SLIMYSAND is moldable and stretchable, and is easy to clean up.  As kids stretch the SLIMYSAND, it also expands, which is so fun to watch. When the SLIMYSAND started to expand the first time for my girls, they both smiled and giggled, and thought it was the coolest thing ever. 

While they enjoy playing with the sticky slime, they said this SLIMYSAND was even more fun and less messy.  It didn't stick to their hands, and was so much fun to play with.  

We received these samples a few weeks ago, and the girls still reach for their SLIMYGLOOP SLIMYSAND on a daily basis to play with it.  If you do notice your SLIMYSAND drying out, you simply add a few drops of water and let it sit in the sealed container or a Ziploc bag overnight to reactivate.  We have only had do this once, even though my girls have played with their SLIMYSAND day in and day out for a few weeks, sometimes an hour or two at a time.

In addition to the pink and purple SLIMYSAND colors we were sent from Horizon Group USA to review, there are also come in light blue and sand color.  Kids can mix and match the sands to create a fun marbleized color/design.  

Not only can kids stretch this SLIMYSAND to watch it expand, the real fun is when they start molding and shaping thing with it. This is where a child's creativity and imagination come into play and provide hours of enjoyable and entertainment by themselves or with siblings and friends.  I have joined in playing with the SLIMYSAND with my girls on a few occasions, and had fun molding and making things with them. The moldable and stretchable sand had a cool feel to it, and wasn't messy to play with, like you would expect with a slime product. 

I could go on and on about how much fun the SLIMYSAND line from SLIMYGLOOP is, but why not pick up a plastic container or resealable bag of this fun SLIMYSAND to share with your kids. 

(Also available in 1.5 lb. plastic containers)

This SLIMYGLOOP SLIMYSAND makes for a great gift for under the tree, or added to your child's stocking.  And, this is going to be one of those gifts they will play with long after the Christmas tree is taken down.

You can learn more about SLIMYSAND and all the other fun SLMIYGLOOP products and instant slime kits available - all of which would make for great gift ideas for kids ages 5+ -- by visiting

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Disclosure: I was provided with samples from Horizon Group USA to help facilitate my review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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