Thursday, November 21, 2019

Why It Pays to Stay Informed

Knowledge is power"-either from a keynote speaker at a general academic assembly or a relative, we've heard this quote echo in our lives. It's not wrong. The more we know, the more we can apply certain pieces of information in our lives.

Today, being informed is more important than ever. There's misinformation everywhere. In 2019, there are so many things to unlearn as the world focuses more and more on political correctness. As we grow older, we need more essential life skills to survive.

Much like a girl/boy scout, we should always be ready for anything. Most of all, we should know how to prevent anything. One measure we could take to avoid untoward incidents is to undergo training. Let us take, for example, the requirement of Site Management Safety Training for construction workers.

It is through programs like these that save our lives. By being informed, we can make conscious decisions on how to go about daily tasks. Here are the reasons why staying informed pays off at the end of the day:


Think about the time you didn't know you were allergic to shrimp-or any other allergens. Let's suppose you ate a bucket of shrimp in one sitting, and you began itching. Your entire body turned red. Then, you went to the doctor, and your allergies got diagnosed. It turns out you're allergic to shrimp and other seafood. Now that you know this, you start avoiding seafood because you know you'd suffer.
Because of this newfound awareness, you finally know how to spare yourself from any dangers. This is how being informed works: it tells you what's right, what's wrong, and everything in between, allowing you to make informed decisions when you need to.

Lack of awareness cultivates apathy

Lack of awareness, however, causes you not to care about the situation. When you don't fully understand the situation, it's easy to dismiss it. Apathy is danger's friend. It strips your guard down and makes you vulnerable. For example, underestimating the dangers of debris in a construction site can lead to slips and falls.

It's easy to be complacent, but it's crucial to take refreshers of safety precautions. This is why there are signs that remind you of your safety everywhere-always wear protective gear, buckle your seat belt, etc.

Key to Safety

Let us take, for example, self-defense training. These classes teach you how to defend yourself and how to fight back in case of attacks. When you're walking the streets, you know how to save yourself from certain situations.

The same is through with workplace safety training. They educate workers on the dangers of their environment, proper handling of equipment, and first aid. It also teaches them how to make sure that machinery and equipment are in good condition to avoid accidents and malfunctions.

When an employee gets into an accident, their superiors and co-workers would know how to apply first aid. Moreover, every employee in the workplace is aware of the company's safety standards and policies.

Staying informed should be the number one priority of your Survival 101 guide. It's important to know what's going on around you and how to save yourself (and other people) from potential dangers. Ultimately, knowledge is only mere information without proper application. The true power comes with your ability to utilize this information in real life.

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