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Make Counting Down to Christmas Fun and Enjoyable for the Whole Family with Santa Clothes - Order Now and Be Ready to Start Countdown on Dec. 12th (Review)

Disclosure: I was sent a sample from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

Santa Clothes

Looking for a fun way to count down to Santa's arrival without having to move an elf, or buy an expensive activity advent calendar that will either disappoint kids when they see what's inside, or the pieces will end up on the floor shortly thereafter?...well, I have the perfect Christmas countdown tradition that you can start with your family this year, and look forward to doing for years to come.  I am talking about Santa Clothes, the Countdown to Christmas doll, which includes everything you need to countdown beginning on Dec. 12th through Christmas Eve.

So, what is Santa Clothes, and why is it the new must have new family Christmas Countdown tradition to incorporate into your families traditions?:

I first stumbled upon Santa Clothes a couple months ago while searching the Internet for fun ways to countdown to Christmas.  In the past, we have had two elves visit us, as well as a couple other of Santa's helpers, but like so many parents, I found it hard to keep up with the demands of moving them, creating fun activities for the kids to do each day, etc. It felt like more of a chore, than a fun way to count down the days.  My girls even tried the toy advent calendars, in addition to the classic chocolate ones, but not only were these toy advents expensive (most range in price for $30-$60), but I found usually find the pieces and toys laying around the house afterwards, as they weren't as fun as my girls thought they would be.  So, this year I wanted to find something that the whole family could enjoy and that could be used year after year.  This is when my search led me t Santa Clothes. 

And, when I saw the cute 18" Santa plush doll that needs to be dressed for his Christmas Eve run, I knew I found the perfect countdown to Christmas tradition to share with my family, that we could all get into and look forward to each day, and for years to come.

"How many days until Christmas? Here comes Santa to help your kids count them. The toys are made so now all Santa needs to do is get dressed for the big day. On December 12th, hang Santa's clothes on a clothesline. Each day, kids takes turns dressing him until he is ready to go on Christmas Eve. Then fill his bag with small presents or goodies. Santa Clothes includes an 18" Santa doll, 12 items of clothing, a 6' clothesline with clothespins all in a keepsake box. "

Like I mentioned, when you buy Santa Clothes, you are provided with everything you need, so no need to worry about having to put together a shopping list of things to pick up to enjoy this countdown tradition.  Inside the box you will find a cute 18" plush Santa doll, 12 articles of clothing, a clothesline and clothespins.  

Both of my girls were all smiles when I showed them our new way of counting down the days to Santa's arrival beginning on Dec. 12th.  My youngest daughter really got into help and helped me hang the clothesline, before pinning Santa's clothes to it.  

She then found the perfect spot for Santa to sit -- right in our bay window next behind the tree. This was the perfect spot she thought as he could look out the window at snow falling and all the neighbors lights, as well as see our beautiful tree all decorated and sparkling at night when the lights are out.  I couldn't agree with her more. :-)

What I love about this new Christmas countdown tradition, next to not stressing about moving it ad setting up silly mishaps and messes, is that the girls can actually play and touch the doll. They can give it hugs, snuggle with Santa on the couch, and just have fun with him getting him dressed and ready for the big night.  Even though we haven't started counting down yet, my girls did a test run and got their Santa plush dressed.  

They both agreed that he looked so cute, and loved all the detailing to the clothes that came with the set -- he even has socks!  I, for one, like seeing the clothesline hanging behind the tree, knowing the fun my family will be having as we countdown and dress Santa for Christmas.

I could go on and on about how much fun Santa Clothes is, and how excited my girls and I are for Dec. 12th to get here so we can start this new tradition. But, instead, I wanted to make sure you had to time to order and receive your very own Santa Clothes to share with your kids or grandkids, as you all start counting down to Christmas.  The Santa Clothes box set is only $59.99 - which is a steal if you ask me, as this countdown tradition can be used year after year, and will provide so many wonderful and priceless Christmas memories with your family, once you introduce Santa Clothes into your family's holiday traditions.

To learn more about Santa Clothes, head on over to  And, be sure to share all about Santa Clothes with family and friends, as they will want to learn about it, too, and finally enjoy counting down to Christmas without all the other stuff they do which feel like a chore, and not something they look forward to each Christmas season.


More about Santa Clothes and how it came about?:

"In 1966,  the parents of Kevin Piece had their hands full during the chaotic holiday season, with 5 kids asking, “How many more days?” over and over. Their solution? A family tradition that they have kept for nearly 50 years. A handmade Santa doll became their countdown calendar. With items of clothing strung across the fireplace mantel, every evening after dinner, one of the kids would take a turn dressing Santa

One night it might be a sock, a belt or his jacket. The number of items left told them exactly how many more days until Santa visited their house. The tradition continued, even after they all grew up and moved out. Every December, Santa waited for them in his sleigh by the fireplace, and every December when they visited, they continued to take turns getting him dressed. 

When the grandkids arrived, they became part of the family tradition. In 2017, Kevin made one for his own family, and once he saw him next to the fireplace and the smiles of joy and wonder on his daughters’ faces, he knew it was time to share this wonderful tradition with the rest of the world. Staying true to his parents’ vision, Santa’s friendly spirit shines through in this new design. Give him a hug and help him get ready for the big day! He’ll appreciate it and your family will too."

Disclosure: I was sent a sample from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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