Wednesday, November 13, 2019

The heYou! Oversized Microfiber Beach Towel Blanket Makes for the Perfect Gift for Everyone on Your Holiday Shopping List + Save 15% Off with Amazon Clip and Save Coupon! (Review)

Disclosure: I was sent a sample from the vendor in exchange for an honest and thorough review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

I have to admit I am a little envious of family and friends who live in warming parts of the country, especially during the winter months.  Winters especially are growing tougher to get through as I get older. You would think I would be used to all four seasons in New England, having been born here and grown up here all my life, but when fall rolls around the colder temperatures roll in, and the days become shorter and darker earlier in the evenings, I find myself daydreaming and wondering "what if" we moved down south where there is no snow and temperatures don't get in the teens or single digits.  Ahh, wouldn't that be nice!  I know my arthritis would love the warmer temperatures, and being closer to the beaches and water.  But, then I snap back to reality as I remember that all my family and friends live here, and I would hate to be far away from them.  While I am not a fan of being out in the snow, I like to sit and watch it fall from inside the comfort of my home, nestled up under a cozy blanket.  I don't think I could live in warmer climates without the beauty of fall foliage or snow falling, especially on Christmas morning.  Yes, weather can be unpredictable up in the northeast -- yesterday we had rain, then snow and then before the day was over, we had a little sun peaking out.  The saying is so true:  "Don't like the weather?  Blink or wait a moment, and it will change."  :-)

When I do find myself dreaming of warmer climates, or wishing that it would be summer again, so that I could bring the girls to beach for the day to play in the water and with the super fine sand, I now picture myself with my new microfiber towel/travel blanket from heYou!

"The Last Towel You Will Ever Need – The heYou! microfiber towel for two is perfect for on the beach, golfing, camping, picnics, swimming, the gym or as a travel blanket making it the last towel you will ever need! It is compact, features a shoulder strap for easy carrying, stakes to prevent the wind from blowing it away, a carabiner for your keys, one zippered pocket on each side for personal items, is sand proof, doubled sided, absorbent and dries quickly."

  • 😎 "STAKES FOR CORNER GROMMET HOLES INCLUDED PLUS BONUS CARABINER– Simply stake your towel down so it will stay in one spot without needing sand pockets that leave your towel sandy.
  • 😎 LIGHTWEIGHT, COMPACT, SOFT AND STRONG – Our extra-large towel blankets (65” x 75”) have printing on both sides and roll up presenting an easy carry shoulder strap. Weighting under 2 lbs this will be your favorite travel companion for the beach, golfing, camping, yoga, hiking, outdoor activities, picnics, swimming, the gym and will even double as your travel blanket!

  • 😎 ZIPPERED POCKETS – Each side of our towels feature a zippered pocket to keep your phone out of the sun and prevent overheating or to hold personal items such as keys and wallets.
  • 😎 QUICK DRY– Dries 3x faster than cotton, holds 7x it’s weight in water! Softer and thinner than cotton for easy portability. Never put a soggy towel in your bag again.

  • 😎 COMFORTABLE AND STYLISH – Our creative towel blankets will always keep you relaxed and stylish no matter where you are. Suitable for any situation. Five styles to choose from, no need to sacrifice style for compatibility! Perfect for men, women, teens and kids! Satisfaction guaranteed, love it or your money back, no questions asked. "

While this towel is perfect for the beach, it can also be used for camping, picnics, or even as a travel blanket to keep you cozy during your upcoming planned holiday travel.  I was recently sent a sample towel for review, and LOVE IT!  

I couldn't get over just how big the microfiber towel it is.  The towels (which are available in a variety of designs/colors through Amazon) are 65” x 75” in size.  They have printing on both sides, and when not in use, you can roll them up and carry with the shoulder strap. Don't worry -- even though it is a big blanket/towel, it only weighs less than 2 lbs., so you don't have to worry about lugging something heavy or bulky to or from the beach, your picnic area, etc.

A cool feature of the heYou! towel/blanket is that there is also a zippered pocket for you to stash your keys or personal belongings, while you are out and about using your blanket.  No more worrying about where to hide your money or valuables, or having them get wet or damaged with water.  And, as far as how fast this blanket/towel dries after getting wet, I put it to the test the other day, as the girls were having a tea party on the back deck and it started to rain. The blanket was the last thing to be brought in the house, so it was wet.  I hung it on the towel drying rack, and couldn't believe how it was fully dry a few hours later.  And, boy did it hold a lot of water, which I was able to easily wring out before bringing in to dry -- it can hold 7 times it weight -- impressive!

Because this blanket/towel is made with microfiber material, it is super soft, and great to lay on.  Each of the designs are sleek and stylish and can be enjoyed by both and women.  There are currently 5 styles to choose from, and all towel blankets carry a satisfaction guarantee, in case you are not fully satisfied with the product, which I highly doubt!

I could go on and on raving about this towel blanket from heYou! and how much I love it.  But, as I write this post, I am thinking about sneaking away this winter for a weekend with the family to a warmer climate, where I can take my sandals off and walk along the beach, letting the warm waves crash against my feet/ankles.  Oh, wouldn't that be nice...I hope you are listening Santa. :-)

If you are a beach loving family, or like to be outdoors camping, picnicking, etc., and have been looking for the perfect towel blanket, look no further than this extra-large towel blanket from heYou!  At only $24.99 - $39.99, depending on style, this is only investment you will need to make, to enjoy lounging around on a comfy towel blanket with family and friends. 

To learn more about these towel blankets and see the 5 different designs available, head on over to  These towel blankets sure would make a nice gift to give or get for your family this holiday season.  It is one gift that will be used time and time again, and enjoyed each and every time.
Disclosure: I was sent a sample from the vendor in exchange for an honest and thorough review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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