Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Get Ready for a Mommy/Daughter At-Home Spa Day with the Fun New "Make Your Own Beauty Masks" Book from Odd Dot -- Also Makes a Great Gift Idea for Tweens and Teens! (Review)

Disclosure: I was sent a review copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

I was so blessed when I found out I was having my two girls, as I knew there would be so many great mother/daughter moments we would get to enjoy together, just like I did with my mom.  When I was younger, I had two older brothers and no sisters, so whenever I wanted to do something "girly" like have a tea party or play with dolls, I would also enlist my mom to play with me.  And, whenever my brothers went out with my father when he had police detail at the movies, I would look forward to being home with my mom as we would do a fun spa night.  She would let me do her hairy in crazy ways -- which when you are 8, or 9 years old, you think you are a hair styling genius and your up dos look amazing.  "Sorry, Mom" for the few times I burnt the side of your head or scalp trying to use the curling iron. :-)  When I wasn't playing stylist to the stars, my mom and I would take turns painting each others finger and toe nails, and then put on face masks that we would make.   While other families were using their household blenders to make smoothies and soups, I was using mine to make homemade face masks for my mom and I to put on, in hopes of getting youthful skin.  I will admit there were some failed attempts -- peanut butter and avocado while one a sandwich is good, it isn't when applied to your face.  I still remember going to school the next day and having people ask what smells like "peanut butter" as the oils were stuck in my hair, even after several attempts of washing it off my face and hairline. Ugh.  But, even still, I still look back on those mommy/daughter in-home spa nights fondly.  And, now that I have two girls of my own and they are getting older and want to do fun things, I am sharing some of the fun things like spa night with them, just like I used to do with my mom.

Thanks to the new "Make Your Own Beauty Mask" by Odd Dots, my girls and I have a go-to book for 38 simple, all-natural recipes for natural skin.  While I still let me my girls experiment like I did with their own face mask concoctions, it is nice to have recipes of tried and true masks that work and smell great. :-)

The kind folks at Odd Dot sent along their new MAKE YOUR OWN BEAUTY MASKS, which is perfect for all ages, and published on 11/5 -- just in time for the holidays and gift giving. Like I said, this is a glam and gifty book of more than thirty all-natural beauty mask recipes with 10 sheet masks already included!  All you have to do is pick up this book and put together a list of items (many you will already have in your pantry) and plan a fun mommy/daughter spa day.  

My girls and I couldn't wait to try out a few of the recipes the other day, and see how the homemade face masks would leave our skin feeling soft and looking healthier. Even though we haven't hit the dry, cold winter temperatures yet that leave your skin looking dull and dry, I have noticed the lips starting to chap with the wind, and the skin is losing some of its luster.  So, it was a must needed and much deserved spa day the other night, before my youngest daughter 8. :-)

We had a blast with the face mask recipes as well as the sheet masks that came with the book (10 in all).  Being animal lovers, both of my girls were quick to grab the cat and dog sheet masks for themselves. :-)  

When we were done and the blender was cleaned up and put away, we all agreed that we had to plan another in-home spa day again soon, and flagged a few more recipes we want to try. 

With the holidays fast approaching, the new MAKE YOUR OWN BEAUTY MASKS book by Odd Dot would make a great gift idea for girls of all ages, including those hard to shop for tweens and teens.  

About this book:

Make Your Own Beauty Masks: 38 Simple, All-Natural Recipes for Healthy Skin is a glam and gifty book of more than thirty all-natural beauty mask recipes.

Luxuriating! Refreshing! Renewing! - Includes ten sheet masks!
"This book has simple and fun recipes that feature wholesome ingredients you can find in your fridge or pantry. 

Whether you are dry-skinned, oily, or just want refreshing "me-time," find a recipe that best suits your needs. 

Mix the ingredients together in a blender or a bowl and apply the mask for ten to twenty minutes. You'll finish with gorgeous, fresh skin!"

Disclosure: I was sent a review copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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