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Target's Our Generation Doll Fans + Young Horse Lovers Will Love the "Giddy Up! Game" from Wonder Forge - A Fun Game to Gift for the Holidays! (Review) #wonderforge

Disclosure: I was sent a sample from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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This fall my girls will be joining a horse 4H, where they will meet a couple times a month with other homeschool kids to share their passion for horses.  While my girls don't own their own horse, they are hoping now that they are older to start riding lessons, and learning the ins and outs of horse care, etc.  So, when I saw this cute game last month at Target, I reached out to the folks at Wonder Forge to see about reviewing the game with my girls, and including it my holiday gift guide. I know that I am not alone in having a horse lover in my life, and wanted to make sure my readers knew about this cute game, which is geared towards children ages 6+.  

As you can see in the above cover art for this game, this game is part of the Our Generation (OG) line exclusive to Target.  We can't go to Target without walking through the toy aisles to check out the new toys, including the Our Generation dolls, pets and play sets.  Last Christmas my girls had OG doll and the vet center on the top of their wish lists for Santa and were so happy come Christmas morning to find their wishes granted.  They love their OG dolls, and play with them daily, before bringing them to bed to sleep with each night.  So, when I saw this game, I knew my girls would love helping me review this game as it included two of their favorite things -- the Our Generation brand and horses.  And, I was was a hit with my girls, and their horse loving friends.

Here is more about this game, which will have kids (and adults) learning all about horses, while enjoying the beautiful full-color horse photos...

About this game:

"Round-up four beautifully photographed horse cards and read a colorful description of a horse. Then, each player secretly votes which horse best suits that story. Score when your "horse sense" matches other players. You'll be surprised what your horse-loving friends think!"


  • Features 100 pictures of real horses!
  • Includes a glossary of horse terms to learn while playing.
  • Saddle up and ride with horses of every color, breed, and personality!
  • Perfect for ages 6+


The cover art to this game doesn't do this game justice, as what is inside the box is truly amazing, and will be a delightful surprise for horse lovers.  My girls really enjoyed secretly voting for the different horses that fit each story and seeing how their "horse sense" matches up with other players.  

You don't have to be knowledgeable about horses to enjoy this game.  My girls are just learning about horses as they prepare for their horse 4-H Club, and have been having a blast playing this game.  They can't wait to bring this game to one of their club meetups to share with their new friends, and seeing which horses their friends will vote for, and hear why they chose those particular horses.

I could go on and on about how much fun this game is, but instead, why not head to Target (or order online at and play this game with that special horse lover in your life. This game has become a staple in our weekly family game nights, and I also plan to pick up a couple more copies of this game for my girls to gift their horse loving BFF's this holiday season.  Seeing how much fun this game is, and how my girls really get into the game, I know their friends will love playing it, too!

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Disclosure: I was sent a sample from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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  1. Seems like a fun game! Great gift for my niece. She loves horses!