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Spread Joy This Holiday Season with Flowers from of Lucky You Flowers -- Only $29 w/ FREE SHIPPING! (Review)

Disclosure: I was sent a sample from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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Who doesn't love to receive flowers?  Even at the holidays, it is nice to find flowers waiting for you at the mailbox or or at door.  Now, I know what you are are usually expensive especially around the holidays.  I, too, have found that prices for bouquets and that seem to go up when major holidays roll around, probably because they know they can make a profit as people will be sending flowers to those who will not visiting for the holidays, or may have a birthday or anniversary that falls around Christmas time.  Now, what happens if I told you I know of  female-owned company based in CT, where I live, that only costs $29 and includes FREE SHIPPING.  You probably think I am making this up.  Where can you get flowers for only $29 and FREE SHIPPING, especially around a major holiday like Christmas?  Well, there is a place and I am about to let you in my secret, so that you can enjoy gifting yourself, friends and family flowers this holiday season.

Lucky You Flowers, based in Simsbury, CT spreads joy by sending adorable, fun and handcrafted floral arrangements in a colorful take out container. 

Requires no care and last for weeks.

Each Lucky You is sent along with a personalized fortune cookie message and gift wrapped in a beautiful organza bag! Each Lucky You flower arrangement only costs $29, and that includes free shipping nationwide-sent in a super sleek mailing tube. 

These Lucky You arrangements are delivered right to the recipient's mailbox via USPS or to their front door via UPS.

Lucky You Flowers uses only the freshest flowers and receive their flowers on a daily basis. Flower colors and choices may vary from the product picture, but the value of the arrangement remains the same. If you would like to request a particular color, please just let them know.

Sounds like a great gift idea, right?  Like I said in the beginning of my post -- everyone loves flowers. And, when you can send them for only $29 including FREE shipping, it is no brainer for a gift idea for most everyone on your holiday shopping list this year. And, be sure to bookmark Lucky You Flowers so you can use them for future gift giving needs for birthdays, anniversaries, congratulations, thinking of you, just because, get well, etc.  Once you send or gift a Lucky You flower arrangement and see this cute flower bouquet in a take-out container, you will love it, and want to give them whenever you need to give a gift in the future.  And, at only $29 you can't go wrong for the price. 

"These Lucky Yous are perfect for everyone: friends, moms, kids, teachers, hosts, grandparents, coaches, you name it! It's fun and unique, the price point is great, it lasts forever with no care required, and it comes with a personalized fortune cookie message to your special someone. "


I had never heard of Lucky You  Flowers before they reached out to me the end of September to see if I wanted to receive a sample bouquet in the mail, and include their Christmas/holiday-themed flower arrangements in my gift guide.  I jumped at the opportunity, and when i received their birthday-themed arrangement, which my youngest daughter and I enjoyed in advance of our November birthdays, I was in love with this great product, and the price.  The flowers were beautiful and came in full bloom so we could enjoy right out of the package. And, they smelled amazing, too!  My daughters liked how the flowers came arranged in a take out container, and the addition of the fortune cookie, which you can personalize the message, was a nice and unique touch.

Family and friends who came to visit were quick to notice the flowers on the kitchen counter and had to stop and take a closer look.  They, too, like how the flowers came in the container, and loved the unique blend of flowers chosen for this particular arrangement.  No one believed me when I told them this only cost $29 with FREE shipping.  I had to show them the Lucky You website and pricing to prove I wasn't making this up, as they thought the flowers were $40+ with the average $9-$16+ for shipping, depending on your location and speed of delivery.  Once they saw that the flowers were only $29, they were amazed and all smiles, as they loved stumbling upon amazing deals like this, that would make flower gift gifting more affordable, without skimping on quality and arrangement styles.  

Like I mentioned, Lucky You Flowers reached out as they wanted to have me feature their holiday/Christmas arrangements. Here are the ones that you can order right now from Lucky You, to gift yourself, or to send to that special someone this holiday season.   

The Ho-Ho

The Holiday

I am planning to have a Lucky You flower arrangement sent to my mom at her work to surprise her before Christmas, as well as send one to each of my daughters, as they love getting mail, and will love to have their own flower arrangement to display and admire in their rooms.  With the holidays fast approaching, why not skip waiting in long lines at stores, or circling the mall parking lot trying to find a spot, only to deal with crowds once you get in the mall, and head on over to to browse their current Lucky You flower arrangement offers.  

You can gift their new Christmas-themed arrangements, or choose a birthday themed one if someone's birthday is this month.  Whichever flower arrangement you go with, know that the flowers will arrive in a super cute take out container and Luck You Flower personalized fortune cookie, ready to display and admire.  

And, at only $29 with FREE shipping, you can't go wrong, and would be crazy not to try out Lucky You this holiday season -- even if it is to add a touch of color for our dinner table for family and friends to admire when they come for the holidays. 

They even offer subscriptions which are a great holiday gift that keeps Spreading Joy all year round. :-)

Disclosure: I was sent a sample from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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