Sunday, November 24, 2019

Put Your Spin on Style with the Spin Blast Fashion Studio by Far Out Toys - A Must Have Gift for Young Fashionistas! (Review) #SpinBlastStyle

Disclosure: I was sent a sample from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

Recently I was sent the SPIN BLAST Fashion Studio from Far Out Toys for my girls to help me review.  They were so excited when this spin art set arrived at our door, as they were planning to ask Santa for it.  My girls are not alone in wanting this cool new spin art fashion studio for making DIY wearable art, as the SPIN BLAST Fashion Studio found itself on the list of the hottest toys and gifts for the holidays by the Toy Insider. And, after trying it out firsthand, we can see why this is a must have for the holidays.  

My girls LOVED it!  They were amazed at all the cool wearable art they were able to make and create with the SPIN BLAST Fashion Studio. Best of all...all the supplies needed to use the fashion studio are included -- minus the t-shirt, tote, etc. you want to add art to.  But, that wasn't an issue with my girls, as they went through their closets and dresser drawers looking for shirts they wanted to up-cycle, and even found a few canvas totes they use for library books that they wanted to stamp some fun new art on to make something totally new and oh so stylish.

If you aren't familiar with this must have holiday toy for 2019, here is some more information about the SPIN BLAST Fashion Studio from Far Out Toys, along with a quick commercial to show it in action...

Create and wear your own designs with amazing spin art

"Spin Blast Fashion Studio is the amazing new way to create and wear your own designs. Customize clothing like T-shirts, jeans, shoes and more! Create amazing spin art by pouring paint onto the spin station, stamping your creations onto clothes or accessories, and enhancing your designs with colorful paint splatters. With Spin Blast, you'll create unique fashions you can wear and share with the SpinBlastStyle social community! 

How To Use:



  • 1 Spin Blast Station
  • 1 Splat Blaster, with Lettering & Emoji Stencil
  • 4 Fabric Paints
  • 6 Stamping Plates


The SPIN BLAST Fashion Studio is recommended for kids ages 8+, partly because it can get messy, and the blast and stamp steps can be a little tricky for younger kids. But, the whole spin it process is a blast, and younger siblings will probably want to get involved.  My girls used the stencils included and went to town using the fabric paints included to add a fun spin art design to them, before stamping it on their t-shirts.  The final product was even better than they imagined it would look. We had to let the shirts dry for a day, but after that the girls couldn't wait to put on their new shirts designed by them, to wear around town and show off.  Their friends thought their new up-cycled shirts were so pretty, and they wanted to come over and make one, too.

We ended up going to the local craft store to pick up more fabric paints and plain t-shirts, so that the girls could have a few friends over to create their own wearable art thanks to the SPIN BLAST Fashion Studio. loved seeing my daughters and their friends creating the most beautiful and colorful wearable art.  And, the huge smiles they had on their faces when they held their creations up for photos told the whole story -- the SPIN BLAST Fashion Studio is a must have for young fashionistas and those who love making their own DIY wearable art.  Say goodbye to tie-dye shirts and hello to SPIN BLAST created shirts that will have people stopping to admire and complimenting your unique style sense and design skills. :-)

You can learn more about the SPIN BLAST Fashion Studio, which is currently available at Walmart, K-Mart and Amazon by visiting  I can't wait to see which fun designs your kids make with the SPIN BLAST Fashion Studio.  My girls continue to find clothes, totes to put a new spin on.  And, just yesterday they picked up blank canvas that you can paint on, but used their SPIN BLAST Fashion Studio on it, to make art for their walls in their bedrooms. There are so many ways to use this set from clothes to wall art, to whatever you can imagine stamping your own SPIN BLAST art on. :-)

Disclosure: I was sent a sample from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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