Saturday, November 23, 2019

Fill Your Guys' Stockings with NBA’s “DWade” New PKWY Fashion Sock Line This Holiday Season (Review)

Disclosure: I was sent samples from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

Not only was Dwayne Wade a great basketball player, now he is taking the sportswear world by storm with his sneakers and socks, which some of the best in the game wear on the court.  Just the other day I saw how DWade signed Golden State Warriors' D'Angelo Russell To Huge Sneaker Deal.  So, to say he is taking it easy in retirement is far from the truth. He is killing it off the court with all his new endeavors including his unique and oh so stylish PKWY socks. 

When it comes to socks for many men, they don't care what the socks look like. They just hope that they grab a pair of socks that don't have holes in them, or at least match.  But, there are other guys (and their partners) who love choosing socks to go with their outfits, or to express themselves through their style choices.  My husband used to be the guy who grabbed a pair of socks from his sock drawer, but as the years have gone on, he has taken note of what he wears, and tries to go with brands that not only feel and look good on him, but also make others take note of his style choices and wonder what he is wearing.  While he is not walking a red carpet at work, he does get stopped from time to time by colleagues asking what he is wearing and where they can get a particular article of clothing.  And, since he started wearing PKWY socks, which Dwayne Wade is co-founder of, he has come home telling me more of his friends and co-workers are taking note of his socks when he is in meetings and has his legs crossed, or getting dressed in the locker room. People love the designs and look of the socks. And, when they hear Dwayne Wade had a part in designing they want to learn more and usually head to to check out the different sock options for themselves.

More about the new NBA’s “DWade” Fashion Sock Line:

"When it comes to fashion, menswear can sometimes feel limiting. Now, boys to men can say goodbye to boring patterns, colors and uncomfortable socks with the PKWY by Dwyane Wade sock collection. Retired NBA great “DWade” has gone from being an influential player on the hardwood to being an influencer in men’s fashion with PKWY (pronounced Parkway), a joint venture between himself and Stance Socks, renowned for its line of premium T-shirts, underwear and socks featuring audacious prints. This exciting, new, fashionable sock collection features sweatTECH fibers, idealFIT construction and dualKNIT yarns."

The socks are uber comfy and offer quality at an affordable price. PKWY by Dwyane Wade launched nationwide in Target’s men’s department in late October with the full collection available as of Nov. 1. It is also available at select specialty retailers, as well as online at PKWY." PKWY offers C Crew socks for men starting at only $29.99 for a pack of 3 socks.  These are not your average crew sock. Oh no, they offer so much more beyond the stand out style.  These socks are made well and will last longer than your average crew sock.  They also feel better thanks to medium cushioning and balanced support. And, the socks are made with fiber blends that wick sweat, so you don't have to worry about sweating while wearing at work or wearing while working out or playing hard on the court.

My husband was sent three pairs of PKWY socks to help me review, and after putting on his first pair and wearing for the day, he came home raving about the socks.  

He couldn't believe how soft they felt and how they didn't bunch up in his shoes like other crew socks.  And, they actually hugged his feet and fit perfectly.  He even wore them to the gym and said wicking feature was amazing. His feet weren't sweating or stinking from working out, and he didn't have that uncomfortable wet sock feeling he has felt with other socks he has used to work out with, and then wear after to finish off his work day.

It was hard to get a word in or ask further about the socks as my husband was rambling on and on about just how great they were.  He even said he looked at the PKWY website with a few buddies, and they couldn't get over the different sock designs available, including ones for MLB and NBA sports fans of their favorite teams, as well as the stylish lifestyle socks available.  

My husband put together a list of PKWY socks he wanted to buy, to replace his sock drawer of socks, which didn't perform like these socks.  And, this was all after just wearing the first pair of PKWY socks. He has been enjoying his PKWY socks for the past couple weeks now, and continues to rave about them to me. I have caught him a few time lifting up his pant leg just to admire his socks. :-)  And, he has already ordered a couple more 3-packs of socks and tossed his old socks.  With socks ranging in price of $24.99-$29.99 per 3-pack, you can't go wrong once you see the top quality of these socks, to want to stock up and replace your old socks.

Socks always make for a great gift idea for the holiday, as we always wear them.  Even though people may not be as happy to unwrap a pair of socks at Christmas, once they put on a pair of PKWY socks they will fall in love with them, and think that this is one of the best gifts they have received.

Head on over to to browse the different sock collections available, and get your orders in soon, so that you can surprise those on your holiday shopping list with new, comfy and stylish socks, they will love and continually rave about.  And, be sure to use coupon code Savannah20 to save 20% off your order.

Disclosure: I was sent samples from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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