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Here are Some Great Beginner Chapter Books and Best of Ripley's Books that Kids and Adults Will Love to Get and Read This Holiday Season + Enter to #Win a Ripley's Book Bundle Containing 6 Amazing Books! #Giveaeway

Disclosure: I was sent review copies from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

I just shared a post featuring some great picture and board books from Ripley's that would make for great non-toy gift ideas for under the tree this year.  If you missed my post,  you can check it out here: And, be sure to read until the end as I am offering a Ripley's board and picture book bundle giveaway, that would make that special child in your life smile from ear to ear when they find these books waiting for them on Christmas day. :-)  In addition to these fun children's books, I wanted to also feature a few Ripley's Believe It or Not! books that released this year and that older kids and adults would love, and that would make for great gift ideas for everyone on your holiday shopping list, including those hard to shop for people.  While toys are fun, books are a gift that will be enjoyed time and time again, and for years to come. And, if you have ever picked up and read a Ripley's book, you know how fun and fascinating these books are.

So, without further ado, here are some of my family's favorite Ripley releases that we have on our coffee table to enjoy, and for family and friends to check out when they come to visit during the upcoming holidays. They are always a hit with visitors and get us talking about all the wacky and interesting things we see and read about in these fun books, all filled with full color pictures.

More about this book:

"Beyond the Bizarre!, the 16th book in the bestselling series from Ripley's Believe It or Not!, is filled with all the unbelievable stories and images you've been waiting for. You'll be blown away by this all-true, all-new collection featuring incredible facts, unexpected stories, and stunning photography. Beyond the Bizarre! is sure to amaze and astound children and adults alike.

Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Beyond the Bizarre! is filled with thousands of strange stories, unusual feats, and hair-raising oddities from around the world. Discover how one man lived in a sand castle for 20 years and read about the cat with 28 toes—it’s all weird and all true! Bursting with vibrant and eye-catching photos, as well as submissions from our dedicated readers, this book is a must-have for every Ripley’s fan."

My Thoughts:

OMG! Let me just say you don't want to be reaching for this book before read to unwind, as most, if not all of the stories and images that fill the pages of this upcoming release will blow you mind and freak you out (in a good but weird way).  Leave it to the folks at Ripley's to put together another great book filled with out of this world strange bizarro stories with photos to back it up, to prove that what you just read is so true!  

My girls were the first to read this book, as I was caught up flipping through the special edition magazine. But, just hearing them talk about what they had just read, made me want to get my hands on this book and see for myself the hair-raising oddities from all over the globe.  From digital ink to an armless archer, Ripley's doesn't hold back the most bizarre and strange stories.  While some photos may have you quickly looking away as they may be gross, most of the stories and images will draw you in and want to learn more about these hair raising oddities.

With just over 250 pages, fans of Ripley's will have yet another fascinating book to add to their coffee table, just in time for the upcoming holiday season.  I know for my family who comes to visit around Thanksgiving and Christmas, they are always looking for the newest Ripley's book to flip through.  And, every year, they are amazed that Ripley's outdoes themselves with more outrageous and weird stories, that gets everyone in the room talking.

I could go on and on about how great this new release it, but if you are a fan of Ripley's then you already know about this upcoming this release, and know that none of the books in the Ripley's series disappoints!  So, now that you are done reading my blog post, head on over to Amazon to pre-order this book, and then get ready to be amazed and bewildered all at the same time.  And, while you are placing your order, why not pick up the special edition magazine, too.  It is yet another great Ripley's release worth checking out, and to share with family and friends.

(Also available in hardcover)
About the Book:
"Sit back, relax, and enjoy 100 of the best unbelievable stories we've covered in our 100 year history! With expanded stories and amazing photos, this is a must-have for every Ripley's fan!

Celebrate 100 years of Ripley's Believe It or Not! with 100 of our best stories! Rediscover everything, from amazing people like famous half-man John Eck to unbelievable animals like Mike the headless chicken and absolutely incredible stories like the jockey who died while finishing first in a horse race and more. 

With spectacular photos and in-depth stories, everyone will find something old and something new to believe...or not!"

About this book:

"How do they do all those amazing flips and tricks? What kind of gear do they use? What's it like to be a BMX pro? Find out as we take you inside the basics and around the world of Nitro Circus to show you the best of BMX! From techniques and tips to records and events, you'll get an insider's look at all this and more."

My Thoughts:

This is a great insiders look book for kids who love all things BMX.  From spotlights on Nitro Game BMX pros to overviews on techniques and tips and bike parts, this book is sure to delight BMX fans of all ages.  And, if you have a reluctant reader, this is the type of book that will pique this interest and have them want to pick up the book and read it. :-)

About this book:

"Meet the amazing athletes of Nitro Circus and find out just what inspires them to be the best!

Appropriate for grades 2-4, this Level 3 Reader introduces Nitro Circus founder and award-winning athlete Travis Pastrana. Featuring his life-long love of motocross, favorite achievements, and more, kids will love learning how Travis lives his "You got this!" motto every day!"

My Thoughts:

In addition to the Nitro Best of BMX book I just shared about, here is another fun book for bike fans -- this time motocross fans.  In this beginner chapter book for kids ages 7+, kids will be introduced to Travis Pastrana -- that is, if they don't already know about this award-winning athlete. I was surprised when I showed my girls this book that they knew about this motocross start.  They said they watch him and others with their Daddy, and were so excited to have a book to read with their Daddy at bedtime about one of their favorite motocross riders. :-)

If you have a motocross fan in your life who is learning to read chapter books, this is the perfect book to get them started. This is a quick read, and full of fun full-color photos about the world of Nitro Circus Motocross.

About this book:

"Learn about all the things you love about Nitro Circus in this brand new series!

Ever wanted to know how to do tailwhips? Or what it takes to be a pro freestyler? Find out as we take you inside the basics and around the world of Nitro Circus to show you the best of Scooter! 

From techniques and tips to records and events, you'll get an insider's look at all this and more."

My Thoughts:

This book is set up just like the Best of BMX book I mentioned above. The only difference is that this one is all about scooter riding.  Techniques and tips, along with records and events are featured in this book, that is chock full of full color pictures that scooter fans will love.  My youngest couldn't put this book down, and now has a new scooter that she saw in this book on her wish list for Santa. :-)


You can learn all about these and other recent and upcoming Ripley's Believe It or Not! titles by visiting  These books would make for great gift ideas this upcoming holiday season, especially for those hard to shop for people on your list.


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About the Author:

"Ripley's Believe It or Not! is globally renowned as the authority on the weird, the eccentric, and the amazing. Ripley's Believe It or Not! provides entertaining books for children of all ages which educates and informs them in a humorous style. The Ripley brand is known around the world as a trend-setting source of family-friendly fun and excitement! Every day the researchers at Ripley's are busy digging up the craziest true stories and the most unbelievable facts."

Disclosure: I was sent review copies from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.