Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Craft Coffee + Gourmet Cookie Lovers Rejoice with the Match Made Coffee Subscription Box (Review)

Disclosure: I was sent a sample box from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

People take wine and cheese pairing seriously, so why doesn't this hold true to coffee and cookies?  Well, thanks to Match Made Coffee, they take the guesswork out of what craft coffee pairs well with a particular gourmet cookie with their monthly subscription box, that costs only $19.95 with free shipping (all across the US).  I enjoy a glass of wine with dinner, and will glance at tasting notes when choosing wine through wine delivery services online, or at the wine store.  But, I wouldn't consider myself a wine connoisseur.  To me, as long as it is not to dry or fruity, I will like it.  That, however is not the case with coffee.  I only started drinking coffee later in life, partly to help me awake when I worked at the hospital and was always on the go.  I was turned onto craft coffee by a colleague and could not just grab a coffee from the hospital cafeteria or nearby coffee shop, as the coffee just didn't taste that good.  I found myself waking early to brew my own craft coffee, so that I could bring it to work.  And, I would always grab a cookie or two that I had made to go with it.  I always thought cookies went well with coffee, and have continued to reach for a cookie, when available, when enjoying a cup of coffee.  

So, when I heard about Match Made Coffee, I couldn't help but smile, as I thought to myself, "Finally, a subscription box made just for me!"  This subscription box pairs two of my favorite things -- craft coffee and gourmet cookies.  Yum!  I am getting hungry just thinking about the two cookies I enjoyed when I sampled a last month's Match Made Coffee box that was sent my way.

I have bought Cravory gourmet cookies online in the past, so was happy to see these included in box with two craft coffees that were new to me.  I am a medium and dark coffee drinker, so knew I would love these to coffee blends.  It is funny, but I found myself really getting into the tasting notes on the front of the coffee pouches. I found these tasting notes more enjoyable than wine tasting notes I read and seem foreign to me.  

My husband is a big coffee drinker, so I let him sample the two coffees with me, to see what he thought, and how they compared to coffee he usually drinks.  He know that I can only drink craft coffee, while he will reach for any black coffee he can get his hands on when he needs a caffeine kick mid-day.  But, after sampling these two craft coffees, he found himself wondering why he settles for bland coffee when you could take a few moments and make a fresh cup of craft coffee. And, with this monthly subscription box there is no reason why he and I can't enjoy craft coffee at home, alone with some really tasty gourmet cookies. 

I really enjoyed sampling the two coffees, and they both paired well with the cookies.  The rosemary balsamic cookie paired with the Kenya Boma AA dark roast coffee was my personal favorite.  Both the coffee and cookie were subtly sweet, yet when paired together made for a savory treat that I couldn't get enough of.  Once my husband and I were done sampling these two coffees and cookies, we both agreed that we need to sign up for the Match Made Coffee.  Now to head on over and sign up today. Maybe while I am there, I will cross a few more people off my holiday shopping list who are also coffee lovers.  I know they will love sampling the pairing of craft coffee and gourmet cookies, like my husband and I did.

More about Match Made Coffee:

Craft Coffee + Craveworthy Cookies. It's a Match Made in Heaven

"Indulge in the perfect pairings of coffee and cookies each month with our subscription box, delivered fresh to your doorstep. 

Your Pairings:

  • Coffee
    We partner with roasters across the globe and curate the best craft coffee roasts to include in each of our boxes. Beware though, this isn’t like your grocery store coffee– these have flavors your taste buds can feel and fall in love with. Each coffee roast measures 2oz  – the perfect amount for a large full pot of coffee (or two, if you’re sparing).
  • Cookies
    We have partnered with the bakery of your fantasies to offer some of the most mouthwatering cookies on the planet. Seriously. The cookies are baked to order and package sealed for peak freshness. Each gourmet cookies weighs approximately 2.2oz, and could technically be great for sharing too– if you have that kind of willpower.
  • Coffee Pairings
    Each of your coffees will include a flavor note guide that will describe the roast, as well as their match made in cookie heaven. Goodbye wine and cheese, hello coffee and cookies."
-- Pick the Perfect Gift for Yourself or Someone Special --

Choose a monthly subscription and enjoy ongoing shipments of delicious coffee + cookie pairings. Pause, skip, or cancel easily at any time.
Choose a prepaid subscription for an easy way to gift this box for 3 months or 6 months to your favorite coffee + cookie lovers.
Each subscription plan offers a complimentary gift message option at checkout.

Learn more about the above mentioned Match Made Coffee subscription plans and/or sign up and try out, head on over to https://MatchMadeCoffee.com.

Disclosure: I was sent a sample box from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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