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Frankie's Scared of EVERYTHING by Tattoo Artist Mathew Franklin is a Must Read Children's Book for Halloween (Review)

Disclosure:  I was sent a review copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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When I first heard about this book, I have to admit, I wondered how good this children's picture book would, as it was written by a tattoo artist.  You usually never expect to tattoo artist to write a book, especially one for kids.  But, this intrigued me, as did the synopsis, that I asked to have a review copy sent my way for my girls and I to review. 

I read through this book before sharing and with my girls, and was so happy I asked to review it, as it is truly an amazing picture book for kids.  I also learned that Matthew Franklin not only wrote the book, but also did all the illustrations, which really made the story come to life, and kept my girls engaged. Matthew is not only a tattoo artist, but is also a painter, graphic designer and musician.  So, he has all the bases covered in the "art" world, and now can add children's author and illustrator to his list of talents/skills.  When I sat my girls down to read the book, I didn't tell them about the author being a tattoo artist.  I wanted to see if they could pick up on this or the unique nature of the illustrations as we flipped through reading each page of this book about a young boy named Frankie, who is afraid of everything.  Upon opening the book, the girls were quick to point out how the illustrations were like nothing they have seen before in a children's picture book.  I asked them if this was a problem, but they said, "No!"  They loved this unique feel to the story, and couldn't wait for me to continue reading to learn all about Frankie and see the breathtaking and oh so vibrant illustrations.

The story itself it easy for even the youngest of listeners to follow along, as there are only a handful of words on each page.  The real treat are the illustrations that fill each page of this book.  

You will find that your and your child will linger for a while to take in all the details, including shadows and 2-D style illustrations.  This book is especially perfect for reading during the month of October as you countdown to Halloween as it is a cute "scary" story for kids -- it isn't scary at all, but seeing Frankie and all the things he imagines and is scared of, will make this a fun "creepy" story that kids will enjoy, time and time again.

My girls really got into this picture book, and  have continued to ask me to read it to them at bedtime each night.  Even though they know the ending, and what happens throughout the book, I think they really just want to admire the illustrations which make this a must own picture book for kids of all ages.  Even parents will find themselves loving this quick read, and getting excited when their kids ask them to read this book, as they know they will all be in for a treat.

So, if you are looking for a cute book to share as Halloween nears, or want to experience a new children's author...then you will want to check out tattoo artist, Matthew Franklin's new picture book, "Frankie's Scared of EVERYTHING" today.


More about this book:

"You would be scared too if your own brain was out to get you!
The world can be a dark place. More and more we find ourselves and our children feeling overwhelmed by the unknown and the pressures of society. This book helps instill early on the fact that our fears can be our greatest strengths.
Follow Frankie as his imagination runs wild creating robots, beasts, sea creatures, and even a mole man on this technicolor adventure.
Being afraid has never looked so fun."
Ages: 3-8
Pages: 32 
About the Author:
Mathew Franklin is a tattoo artist, painter, graphic designer, and musician. After receiving degrees in painting and photography from Miami University he immediately became a staple in the art scene in Columbus, Ohio where he currently resides. 

Disclosure:  I was sent a review copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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