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Fans of the Hit Animated Series, Rainbow Rangers, on Nick Jr. Will Love These New Board and Picture Books! (Review)

Disclosure: I was sent review copies from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

A couple weeks ago, I walked in on my girls watching a show on Nick Jr. I had never seen this show before, so I asked them what they were watching.  My youngest was quick to pass the episode as she didn't want to miss a moment, and then she along with her older sister talked my ear off for the next 20 minutes about this hit animated series.  I guess I have been living under a rock as I had never heard about it.  But, thanks to my girls, I was caught up to speed on all the characters, different episode story lines, etc.  They both talked so passionately about this animated series, that I could tell that they really enjoyed it.  Before they went back to watching the show, my oldest asked if there were books available based on this hit Nick Jr. animated series.  I told her I would look.  But, before I could do some real searching, I received an email from the folks at Macmillan Children's Publishing Group looking to see if I wanted to review and feature a few new Rainbow Rangers titles, which released back on Sept. 3rd.  Funny how things happen like this...I was just about to look for the books, and then I get an email all said books.  Without hesitation, I jumped at the opportunity to review four new Rainbow Rangers books, with the help of my girls.  I wanted it to be a surprise, so I didn't tell my girls about the books.  I knew that when they arrived in the mail and the girls saw them that they would be so excited, and want to get to reading.  And, that it what happened a few days later, when a package of these books arrived at our door.

Here is more about the four new Rainbow Rangers books, which are based on the hit animated Nick Jr. series, now available from Macmillan Children's Publishing Group...


About this Book:

"Summer Greene's Rainbow Rangers: Rockin' Rainbow Colors ia an original adventure based on the hit animated series on Nick Jr.!

Perfect for the youngest Rainbow Rangers fans, this tabbed board book is a great introduction to color concepts.

Each Rainbow Ranger rocks a different color of the rainbow! Meet these superheroes, from Rosie Redd to Lavender LaViolette, and learn their matching colors!"

About this Book:

"Summer Greene's Rainbow Rangers: Meet the Team is an original adventure based on the hit animated series on Nick Jr.!

Meet seven girls who work as a team. They live in a magical land. They help protect Earth and save the animals. They are the Rainbow Rangers and they are nature’s superheroes!

Learn about each Ranger’s personality and power in this character guide. The clear text and colorful illustrations make this book a perfect fit for new and emerging readers."

About this Book:
"The Rainbow Rangers, nature’s superheroes, are throwing a party!

Floof, their pet prismacorn, is in charge of protecting the very special Confetti Crystal for the celebration. When the crystal disappears, Floof goes on a journey through the rainbow world of Kaleidoscopia to retrieve it.

With the help of some new magical friends, can Floof find the crystal and save the day?"

About this Book:
"Kalia calls the Rainbow Rangers, nature’s superheroes, to action! 
A melting ice floe has separated a polar bear cub from its mother. Rosie Redd, Anna Banana, and Bonnie Blueberry are sent on a rainbow-ride to Earth to save the day. But they'll have to work as a team to reunite this polar bear family!

**Includes a punch-out, wearable Kaleidocom!"

As I mentioned above, my girls are huge fans of this animated series, and were over the moon excited when these books arrived.  And, in no time at all, the girls had read through all four books.  Even though the colors board book was a little on the young side for them, they did say that they loved the colorful illustrations, and how each color went with the different superhero characters from the show including Lavender LaViolette and Rosie Redd.  If you have a little one who is learning their colors, this is the perfect board book to pick up and share with them, as it will introduce the colors in a fun way.  

The three remaining Rainbow Rangers books were geared more towards my girls and were fun to read.  My youngest loved how the "Rainbow Rangers To the Rescue" paperback book included a punch out Kaleidocom like Rosie Redd wears, that kids can punch out and with the help of an adult attach to the kid's wrist.  Fans of this animated, even though they already know all the superheros by heart, with love reading these "meet the character" books, as well as the original story, "Rainbow Rangers: The Quest for the Confetti Crystal."  Out of all the books, this original story hardcover was the favorite of my two girls.  They are both into unicorns and love how Floof the prismcorn was the main character in the story, and had to find the crystal to the save the day.  Filled with playful and oh so colorful illustrations, the story was a fun read, and one that my girls have read over and over again, since we received these books last week.

I am so glad my girls enjoyed these new Rainbow Rangers books from Macmillan Children's Publishing Group, as they really loved the show, and now have a nice little book collection from the hit animated series to read when they aren't tuning in to watch an episode.  If you have a Rainbow Rangers fan in your life, then you will definitely want to check out these new board and picture books, now available.  With the holidays fast approaching, these four new books would make for a nice gift to get your kids started on their very on Rainbow Rangers book collection.  Seeing just how much my girls love these new books, I know your kids will, too!

To learn more about the new line of Rainbow Rangers available from Macmillan Children's Publishing Group, head on over to today.

About the Author:

Summer Greene has always had a passion for children’s books and for protecting the earth. She is thrilled to bring both passions together in her work on publishing for Rainbow Rangers.

Disclosure: I was sent review copies from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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