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#CreateYourHappy with the Fun Monster-Themed Writing Super Set, Pencils, Erasers, and More from OOLY #weareOOLY

Disclosure: I was sent samples from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.


It is hard when it comes to buying snacks and candy for kids' parties, especially holiday-themed ones like Halloween. It's not because there are so many options to choose from (which there are), but, with many kids suffering from food and dye allergies, most parents and teachers steer clear altogether from candy when they host parties for kids.  So, what to do you get in place of candy to give out to kids that is not just safe, but is also fun, and something they will enjoy and actually use?  You really don't want to spend money on cheap trinket toys that will break upon using, or end up on the ground or thrown away the moment a child gets home.  But, you also don't want to spend a lot, as class sizes are getting larger, which means you needs to buy more stuff so you have enough for kids, and when you host a party, many siblings and relatives come along, so the attendee account goes us, meaning more goody bags to buy and stuff.  Well, thanks to a recent surprise back of monster-themed goodies from OOLY, I am here to share some super cute and oh so affordable ideas for those upcoming Halloween parties that you need to send your kids with goodie bags to hand out.  Or, if you are planning a Halloween party for your kids and their friends, these new OOLY monster-themed products are a must have.

First, before I go into all the fun Halloween Treat Ideas that are NOT candy, that you should consider, I wanted to quickly tell you about OOLY in case you have never heard of them..

So, what is OOLY, and why should you have their website bookmarked?...

"At OOLY, we create fun products that inspire creativity in people of all ages for a happy & vibrant life. Create your happy!

Choose OOLY, Give Happy!

We happily supports teachers & students through When you choose OOLY products, a percentage of every purchase goes to teachers and students in need.

Super fun and colorful products to help inspire your creativity. At OOLY, you'll find the funnest pencils, gel pens, pens, markers, art supplies, stationery and so much more."


I first stumbled upon OOLY last year, and have since been a frequent visitor and shopper of their online website for their stationary sets and supplies, art + DIY products, gift sets and so much more.  And, whenever I need to hand out non-candy treats for my girls' Girl Scouts and homeschool holiday parties, I don't stress, and head directly to and order stuff for my girls to hand out.  Every time they bring OOLY treats to hand out, both the kids are with smiles receiving them, and the moms are asking me where I got them, and raving about how cute the stuff is, and telling me they need to get more for their kids.

This year, it was looking like it was going to be quiet on the Halloween party front, as the girls hadn't come home with slips for parties from their homeschool classes and extracurricular programs.  They did get invited to a lot of Halloween trunk or treats and parties, but nothing that they had to bring any non-candy treats.  But, before I thought I was off the hook, the invites and party announcements came rolling in.  Isn't that how it always like you have it easy, and then boom, you are all these parties to make things for and get goodies or treats for your kids to bring to hand out.  But, thankfully the folks at OOLY have me covered, and I know my girls' goodie bags we are putting together with OOLY Monster-themed treats are going to be a hit, and kids will love their surprises.  

Like I mentioned earlier, I was sent a box of OOLY's new monster products to review, and was so happy when the box of goodies arrived.  It was like Christmas for both my girls and I as we ruffled through the box looking at each and every monster-themed goodie sent our way.  Just look at all the cute and fun monster-themed stuff we received from OOLY, all of which I have to mention are affordable and available for purchase through


Here is more about the different MONSTER themed goodies shown above from OOLY...

Monster Erasers (Set of 3) ($2.99) - Boo! Mistakes better be on the lookout because there are monsters out to get them!

You can swap the scary jaws and arms of these Monster Erasers with the other ones to mix up their colors or to match your other stationery. Keep these colorful monsters near so they can keep their one, three and four eyes on the lookout for any errors.

Monster Pencils ($4.99) - This pencil pack includes 12 No. 2 graphite pencils, each featuring the cutest monsters you’ve ever seen.

With silly faces and fun colors, one of these monsters is bound to be your new best friend.

Monster Pals Writing Super Set ($48.99) - Introduce a special person in your life to some super cute monster friends with the Monster Pals Writing Super Set. This colorful set comes with a ton of monster themed school and stationery supplies and a fun scratch art kit to boot. It also comes pre-wrapped in a cute white box and blue bow for easy gift giving convenience. 


Aren't these just the cutest things?  Yes, Halloween is supposed to be spooky and creepy, but come on, these monsters are just so darn cute.  You can't help but smile as you look at the different monster pencils, erasers, markers, stationary, etc.  I found myself wondering if I wanted to jump on the bandwagon and host a party, just so I could do a monster-themed one, and have all these OOLY goodies for the kids to enjoy.  But, then I was reminded we have to prep for 4 Halloween parties over the next two weeks, so we will have enough opportunities to share these OOLY monster-themed products with my girls' friends, for them to enjoy.

Back when I was younger, I loved collecting fun pencils and erasers, and would have loved these monster products from OOLY.  Even the Monster Pals Writing Super Set would have made for a nice gift set to give to my friends who had birthdays around Halloween, and loved collecting and using fun stationary and writing utensils like I did. I know I would have loved the Monster Pals Writing Super Set for myself. :-)

My girls really loved the new monster line from OOLY. Their favorites from the goodies sent were the Scratch & Scribble scratch and reveal fun illustrations book, the monsters on a roll decorative sticker tape, and the set of 3 monster erasers. My oldest was quick to find the set 8 Pocket Pals Mini Journals with were monster themed in the box, and told her sister that they needed to bring these to their homeschool nature class to hand out to their friends.

They have a secret girls' club going on and bring little notebooks to write messages and draw pictures in with their friends. My daughters agreed that these monster pocket pals mini journals would be a fun surprise for their friends, and small enough to keep in their snack totes they bring to class each week. The other day they went to class with the mini journals, and couldn't wait for class to end to tell me just how much their friends loved these mini journals, and then showed me the different things they wrote in the monster pocket pals.

My girls told me that they promised their friends that the next meetup they would be bringing them each a MONSTER pencil from OOLY, to go along with their mini journals. They both had brought one of these pencils and their friends though they were just the coolest thing ever! :-) Who knew a pencil could be so cool?! :-)

I could go on and only about just how much fun the MONSTER pencils, highlighters, gel pens,erasers, etc. are that we were sent from OOLY. But, instead, with only a week and half until Halloween, I wanted to make sure you had time to place your order for these super cute monster treats that would make for great non-candy goodies to hand out to trick or treaters, to include in goodie bags you send your kids to school or Halloween party with, or even to surprise your kids with on Halloween morning. Usually I have my girls trade their Halloween candy in after choosing a handful of candy to keep, for a treat like a book or small toy. This year, I already have their trade in treat ready, thanks to to OOLY. The girls will be getting their own Monster Pals Writing Super Set to enjoy.

So, what are you waiting for? Head on over to and browse their MONSTER collection, as well as all their other fun collections for kids of all ages to enjoy. You can never have enough stationary and arts and DIY supplies and accessories, and the ones available from OOLY are like none you have ever seen before. They are so playful and fun, and get kids excited about writing and taking notes, just to use the fun pens, markets, pencils, etc.

And, when you are browsing the different OOLY collections and products, remember that Christmas is write around the corner, and these products would make for great stocking stuffer ideas, too! This year, I am making a countdown advent calendar for my girls and plan to include an OOLY surprise for 12 days, as the girls count down to Santa's arrival. :-)

Stay up-to-date on all things OOLY including special offers and giveaways, new product additions and more by following their social media channels below...

Disclosure: I was sent samples from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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