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Learn How to Draw 17 Different Bird and Butterfly Species with This New Drawing and Activity Book (Review)

Disclosure: I was sent a review copy from the  publisher in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

What I loved about this "learn to draw" book is how it included fun facts and information about the different bird and butterfly species. So, not only do your kids get to practice drawing these beautiful creatures, but they also learn all about them, too, in fun way.  The pages are not overflowing with words making it feel like a school lesson, but instead have pop up fun-facts boxes that are quick to read, and interesting.  My girls loved flipping the pages to see what bird or butterfly they would be learning how to draw next, and would always read the fun fact about the species before grabbing sketch paper to draw or trace it.

This drawing book includes lessons on how to draw using tracing method, the grid method and also step-by-step method.  So, if your kids are finding it difficult to follow along with the step-by-step drawing lesson, they can skip around and find tracing pages for easier drawing practice.  My girls loved how the different methods were included, as it made it more fun and interesting to draw the different butterflies and birds. My youngest said she probably would have not stuck with the book if it was all step-by-step, but liked that she could take a break here and there from free-hand drawing and trace some of these creatures. 

And, the inclusion of mazes, word search puzzles quizzes, and more made this drawing and activity book more fun for my girls.  Kids can get bored with the repition or drawing, so the addition of the fun puzzles, trivia and more kept them engaged and wanting to turn the page to see what they would be doing next.  

We have only had this drawing and activity book for a short time, but it has become a favorite among my girls, especially on rainy days when they are looking for something to pass the time.  They will grab this book and a stack of sketch and tracing paper, and sit down and draw the different birds and butterflies. Then, they will use their colored pencils and markers and color in the different species using the colors they see in this book, or come up with their own unique take on the bird or butterfly they just drew.  Both of my girls have been asking for more books like this one, and I will definitely be on the lookout for them, so that I can pick up and surprise them this upcoming holiday season.  I plan to put together a little drawing basket of the different books I get, and include a sketchbook, colored pencils, and maybe even a fun plush toy to go along with the book theme.

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If you have kids who love to draw or art, then you will want to check out the new Birds & Butterflies Drawing & Activity Book from Walter Foster Jr.  You can learn more about this and other drawing and activity books for kids by visiting


More about this book:

"With the Birds & Butterflies Drawing & Activity Book, learn how to draw 17 different bird and butterfly species with three methods: tracing, grid drawing, and step-by-step drawing!

This interactive book is filled with 17 wonderful winged creatures you can learn to draw, from flamingos, owls, and toucans to monarch and peacock butterflies. Packed with fun facts, quizzes, and puzzles too, the Birds & Butterflies Drawing & Activity Book will provide hours of artistic entertainment!

Inside, three different drawing methods are featured: tracing, grid drawing, and step-by-step drawing. Five tracing pages are included so you can trace. Then try the grid method—just copy the lines and shapes into the corresponding square on the blank practice grid provided. You will also learn the same step-by-step method used by professional artists: the basic shapes method. To draw birds and butterflies like a professional does, just follow the illustrations that show how each step builds upon the last to create a finished piece of artwork. Look closely at the new lines in each step and draw the bird or butterfly on the practice page provided after each basic shapes project. Find the technique that works the best for you, and draw your favorite birds and butterflies over and over again!

There are plenty of practice pages and tracing paper inside, so you have all you need to get started right away. The simple instructions will guide you through each step, making it easy to follow along. Plus, learn some fun facts about the different birds and butterflies as you learn to draw them. Activities include a bird word search, a butterfly maze, a bird map match, spot the difference, and more. 

With fascinating facts, fun activities, and practice pages encouraging you to get started directly in the pages of the book, you can let your inner artist take flight with the Birds & Butterflies Drawing & Activity Book."


About the Author:

The Walter Foster Jr. Creative Team develops fun and imaginative books and kits for children of all ages. Encouraging learning and exploring, Walter Foster Jr. titles cover a wide range of subjects, including art, transportation, history, craft, gardening, and more.

Disclosure: I was sent a review copy from the  publisher in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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