Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Kids Will Love Decorating Their Journals, Binders, Laptops, Phone Cases and More with the Bestselling Sticker Book Series, EyeLike Stickers (Review)

Disclosure: I was sent review copies from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

When my girls weren't enjoying the Paint by Sticker books from Workman Publishing, they were creating fun sticker scenes using the 400 reusable stickers that came with the two EyeLike books we were sent to review.  The girls were recently sent the EyeLike Stickers: Kittens and EyeLike Stickers: Puppies, and have been having so much applying the reusable sticker to the colorful scene included with the book, as well as adding the stickers to their bedroom windows and our dry erase wipe off board for school.  

They were coming up with fun stories based on the scenes they created, to share with me and one another.  When using the dry erase board, I found them doodling more background scenes to make the cute kitten and puppy reusable stickers to life.  :-)

product imageproduct image

In addition to using the sticker scene in the book and our dry erase board and their windows, the girls went throughout the house to find other places they could place all their different cute EyeLike stickers.  The girls found that these reusable stickers stick well to journals, school binders, the back of my laptop, as well as the back of their phone cases.  Wherever I looked I found myself looking at the kitten and puppy stickers.  I couldn't get mad at the girls with these stickers, as they could be peeled off without tearing or leaving behind a sticky residue, like all the other stickers my girls have added to our walls and hardwood floors over the years.  If only they had owned these reusable sticker books before, it would have saved some of my walls and furniture.  But, at least now they know about the fun EyeLike Stickers books, and can't wait to get more of these books to enjoy time and time again.  

After heading over to the Workman Publishing website recently, I was amazed at how many EyeLike Stickers books they have available.  The Puppies and Kittens books are brand new, while the following are past releases, worth checking out...

Eyelike Stickers: Pirates - cover

  • Ocean
  • Space
  • Dinosaurs
  • Horses
  • Animals
  • Bugs
  • Colors
  • Christmas
  • Baby Animals
  • Pirates
  • Trucks
  • Wild Animals
  • Easter
  • On the Farm
  • Letters
  • Seasons
Seeing just how much my girls liked and got into the EyeLike Stickers Puppies and Kittens books, I will definitely be picking up the Christmas-themed sticker book to put away for them for Christmas.  

And, at only $6.99 a book, it is a real still as you get 400 reusable stickers, that will never dry out or tear, which I love!

Eyelike Stickers: Horses - coverEyelike Stickers: Trucks - cover

You can learn more about the fun best selling EyeLike Stickers books available now from Workman Publishing by visiting https://www.workman.com/series/eyelike-stickers.

Disclosure: I was sent review copies from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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