Friday, August 9, 2019

Check Out These Must Read Early Reader Books and Collector's Guide for Hasbro Lost Kitties Fans! (Review)

Disclosure: I was sent review copies from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

Thanks to the blind bag an surprise toy craze of this generation, there are so many new toys being released to keep up with the excitement and need to buy collectible toys.  I know all too well about this craze as my two girls are all about surprise toys and blind bags and eggs, and will spend their allowance on new series of their favorite collectibles, just to complete a set or get extras to trade with friends.  One of my girls' favorite things to collect are Lost Kitties from Hasbro.  And, just like last Christmas, I am already hearing my girls talk about asking Santa for a stocking full of these kitties, so that they can play with them and collect them all.

Knowing just how much my girls love Hasbro Lost Kitties, I jumped at the opportunity to review a few new books featuring this ever popular collectible toy line.  One book is actual a collector's guide, which is a must have for fans and collectors of Lost Kitties.  The other two books are great for beginner/early readers, as they have longer sentences, more complex spelling patterns and high interest content, that will peak the interest of advanced beginner readers, and get them wanting to read more and expand their vocabulary and word recognition further.

When I showed my daughters these three Lost Kitties books recently, they both in unison let out a big screechy yell of excitement. Even though they are avid collectors of these little kitties, they had no idea there was a collector's guide or books about the Lost Kitties.  They quickly grabbed the books from my hand and sat together on the couch to flip through them. First up was the Hasbro Lost Kitties Collector's Guide, which is chock full of kitties (180 kitties  to be exact, that fill up 112 pages).  In addition to bios about the different kitties, this collectors guide also includes fun trivia, silly memes and fun content to read.  There is even a full color pull poster at the end of the book that fans will want to tear out and hang on their bedroom walls.  I ended up having to buy another copy of this book just so that each of my girls would have their poster for their room.

My girls really enjoyed the two "Level 3: All-Star Readers" books.    They kept throwing out hashtags and talking silly and giggling as they read through the two books.  After they finished reading the books, they were quick to ask me to come sit down with them so that they could read one of the books to them, and then show me all the kitties they have collected so far and locate them in the Collector's Guide.  I have to admit, even though I am not a fan of all these collectible toys -- partly because the girls will spend all their money and come away with duplicates that I find laying all over the house -- reading these two beginner chapter books with them had me liking the fun and silly kitties.

If you have a Hasbro Lost Kitties fan in your life, and are looking for a fun back to school gift to give them, or just want them to get in some extra reading before school starts, why not pick up the Collector's Guide and/or these All-Star Readers to share with them. I know they will have the same reaction as my girls, so get ready to cover your ears. :-)

Here is more about these Lost Kitties Books, available now through online retailers like Amazon, as well as at book stores and major retailers nationwide.

Get to know the fur-larious, sassy, utterly paw some Lost Kitties in Hasbro Lost Kitties Collector's Guide by Maggie Fischer (Studio Fun International; ISBN: 978-0794443863; Ages 6-8; 112 pages; $8.99).  

About the Book:

"Meet the mischievous, meowing, cat-tastic Lost Kitties in this amazing collector’s guide! 

With over 100 kitties to collect, there’s endless fun to discover. Snack on tacos with Chomp, shiver in secret with Peekerz, and play pranks with Pants in this hilarious guide. 

With 112 pages of pawsome trivia, this book is simply purr-fect for Lost Kitties fans everywhere."

Get ready for a too-cute kitty-tastrophe with the #ADORBS squad in Hasbro Lost Kitties Level 3 Squad Goals: #ADORBS by Maggie Fischer (Studio Fun International; ISBN: 978-0794444181; ages 6-8; 32 pages; $4.99). 

"It's a too-cute kitty-tastrophe in the #ADORBS squad! Bonbon’s been baking all day, but hungry Tummy Tum still isn’t full, Nap-kin keeps getting woken up by the garbage truck, and Memez’ dance moves are far from paw-fect! 

Purr along with this fur-larious squad and their adorable antics in this leveled reader, perfect for Lost Kitties fans!"

The #NOMZ squad is hungry for mischief in the fur-larious Hasbro Lost Kitties Level 3 Squad Goals: #NOMZ by Maggie Fischer (Studio Fun International; ISBN: 978-0794444303; ages 6-8; 32 pages; $4.99). 

About the Book:

"The #NOMZ squad is hungry for mischief! Chomp is testing out the hottest pepper in the world to spice up her spec-taco-lar hot sauce, Chunks is training for the Grand Hairball Hacking Competition, and Loafy’s at a loss when his toaster breaks! 

Purr along with this fur-larious squad and their snack-tastic antics in this leveled reader, perfect for Lost Kitties fans!"

Disclosure: I was sent review copies from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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