Wednesday, August 21, 2019

3 Ways to Invest in Yourself to Find Fulfillment

3 Ways to Invest in Yourself to Find Fulfillment

You know that you want more from life, but amidst the daily hustle and grind, seeing through the fog to get to the "how" can feel impossible. In order to better yourself and get to the next level that you are yearning for, you've got to be willing to take on new challenges and invest in yourself. 
 After all, if you don't invest in yourself, who will? No one has more of a vested interest in your potential, well-being and overall happiness than you do. 

Start Small with Self-Care

Find small ways to carve out a little bit of time for self-care daily. Make time for self-care every single day, no excuses. It doesn't have to be the same activity — you can vary it to what best suits your needs in the moment. Self-care practices look different for everyone; it can be anything from exercise or meditation to a glass of wine and a good book or a face mask and a long soak in the tub. Whatever you choose, be sure that you are left feeling recharged and invigorated. 
By showing up for yourself in this way, you can take a breather to dial down the intensity of the daily commotion so that you can find calmness. By making time for some mental stillness, you can claim some clarity on what you really want from life. 

Start a Business 

If your job is no longer bringing you joy, it may be time to consider other alternatives. You spend too much of your life working to not find fulfillment in your work. This doesn't mean you should quit your job tomorrow, but it does mean it's time to take a step in a new direction and see if something else would be a better fit for you. 
One less risky way to do this is to start a business as a side hustle. Choose something that you are passionate about to make it easy to sell, whether you have sales experience or not. Make the initial process of starting your business simpler and supported by choosing to start your own business through an established company. For example, if you already love and use health and beauty products from Amway, you could start your own business with them and share products that you are passionate about. Watch this video on how Amway works; it explains all about how independent business owners receive support and education from seasoned professionals with years of experience.

Go Back to School

If your career progress is limited by your education, going back to school could be the best investment move for you. While it may seem costly in both money and time, it could pay off significantly and be worthwhile if you end up with a higher-paying, more fulfilling job after graduation. Some employers may even be willing to help out by paying for education costs or simply offering more flexible hours to accommodate your class schedule, so be candid with your employer about your career goals and education aspirations. 
Whether you decide to go back to school, start your own business or simply commit to making time for self-care daily, taking that first step toward investing in yourself is half the battle. From there, you can build new habits and before you know it, you'll be on your way to feeling more fulfilled and less scattered. 

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