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Wonder Park Arrives on Digital Today, and Blu-Ray Combo and DVD on June 18th from Paramount Home Entertainment! (Review) #WonderPark

Disclosure: I was sent promotional product and screener from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.


We had a fun family movie the other night, watching Wonder Park, which arrives on Digital today, and then on Blu-Ray Combo Pack and DVD on June 18th from Paramount Home Entertainment.  Even though we saw Wonder Park twice in theaters, the girls couldn't wait for it to arrive on Blu-ray and DVD, so that they can watch whenever they wanted to, as well as on the go. So, it was perfect time that this family-friendly movie arrives in time for summer travel.  Did you see this movie in theaters back in March?  If not, here is a little about this movie, along with the official trailer...


"WONDER PARK is the animated story of a young girl named June with a big imagination who makes an incredible discovery—the amusement park of her dreams has come to life. Filled with the world’s wildest rides operated by fun-loving animals, the excitement never ends. But when trouble hits, June and her misfit team of furry friends begin an unforgettable journey to save the park. Action-packed and brimming with laughs, WONDER PARK is a ride the whole family will love." 


Doesn't this look like a super cute movie?  It really is, and it perfect for kids (and adults) of all ages.  My girls are fans of Jennifer Garner, so were all smiles when they heard her voicing June's mother.  

But, the sweetest moment came when the girls both snuggled up close to me while we watching the movie the other night, when June found out her mommy was sick and needed to go away to try and get better.  Both of my girls looked at one another and said it was probably cancer, just like I had.  Even though they saw the movie in theaters twice, they both teared up at this part, as they had a personal connection to illness, and knew just how June bug (as her Dad called her) must have felt at that moment in time.  Even though my girls were not born when I battled cancer in 2008, I have since told them that I battled cancer, and beat it.  I waited until they were older to understand it, as I didn't want them thinking I was going to wake up sick and not be around for them.  I find, though, that whenever the girls watch a movie with someone battling cancer, they will come and sit with me and snuggle up.  They have told me in the past, usually after my annual oncology appt, that they are proud of me and happy that I am still around to watch them grow.  They are sensitive like their mom and wear their hearts on their sleeve, and feel emotions, even if they are in movies, like Wonder Park.  

But, June's mother's illness is only a small part of the movie, so don't let this deter you from watching it with your child...plus, the movie has a happy ending as June's mom comes home healthy, and not sick anymore.  The movie is all about June having to step up and save Wonder Park, an imagined amusement park she created with her mom.  After her mom got sick and went away for treatment, June tried to close off all the happiness in her life, including Wonder Park. She packed up her plans and amusement park she built with her family, that filled her house.  When her relatives came to visit and pushed for her to add a Ferris wheel to her park, she gets mad and throws the plans she made with her mom into the fire, and this sets off trouble in Wonder Park.  And, it isn't until she runs away from the summer math camp bus into the woods to head back home to take care of her dad, that she comes face to face to Wonderland, the amusement park she created on paper, but that came to life, and was in crumbles.

Upon entering Wonderland, she meets Boomer, Peanut, the Wonder Chimps, Gus the Beaver and all the other fun-loving animals that operate Wonder Park. 

It will take June to channel her imagination and the help of these furry friends to save the park.  You will be glued to the screen from start to finish with this animated movie, which will delight the whole family, and that makes for a great summer family movie night.  We really loved watching this movie again, and found ourselves taking in all the details of Wonderland, and being in awe of June's imagination and creativity in creating this amazing and one of a kind amusement park. My girls wished this was a true story, as it would have been cool to visit Wonderland, and be able to whisper in Peanut's ear, for him to use the magic pencil to create a new ride for the park.  After the movie was over, my girls sat talking about what ride they would have to add to Wonder Park, and then grabbed a sheet of paper to draw out a sketch of what they envisioned, just like June did throughout the movie.

With summer almost here, and kids wrapping up school, why not consider picking up Wonder Park when it arrives on DVD and Blu-Ray Combo on June 18th, or buy it today on Digital, to enjoy with your family.  In addition to the full-length movie, the Blu-Ray Combo pack also includes the following:
  • Access to a Digital Copy of the movie
Bonus Content:

  • Gus Yodeling - Deleted Scene
  • The Wonder Chimp Channel
  • The Pi Son Sing-Along
  • Making Noises (It's Actually a Job?!!)
  • June's Guide to Wonderland
  • June's Welcoming Crew
  • Boardwalk Caricatures
    • Drawing Boomer 
    • Drawing the Wonder Chimp Pirate
    • Drawing the Wonder Chimp Princess

In addition to receiving an advance copy of this movie, the kind folks at Paramount Home Entertainment also sent me a fun "Wonder Park Summer Survival Kit" filled with goodies to help my family get through summer.  Take a look at what we received...

The kit included the Blu-ray Combo Pack, a plushie toy, a backpack, 2 fanny packs, a phone charger, sunscreen, a band-aid holder and some Wonder Park roller coaster car toys.

My girls giggled when they saw the fanny packs, but then realized that these will come in hand when they go to the amusement parks and arcades as it will hold their tokens and money, so they will not have to carry around a plastic cup or handful of coins/tokens.  

The girls also loved the Wonder Park roller coaster car toys, which includes a Wonder Chimp that fits in the roller coaster seat, and can attach to another coaster set, and pulled around, for added fun.  

We also got sunscreen, band-aids, a cooler tote, as well as a super cute Boomer plush toy, which my girls couldn't stop snuggling with.  

We really enjoyed all the extra goodies that were sent with the movie, as it made for a more memorable Wonder Park movie night, and will definitely get up ready to take on summer travel and fun enjoy the outdoors together as a family.  

And, when we are looking for a great movie to watch during the summer, we will not hesitate to reach for Wonder Park.  This is definitely one of those movies you will not get bored of watching, and will want to watch time and again.

So, what are you waiting for? Head on over to Amazon to pre-order Wonder Park, so you get in when it arrives on Blu-Ray Combo Pack and DVD on June 18th, or purchase the Digital copy, which is available as of today, June 4th.   Then, get ready for a fun and memorable movie night with your whole family.

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Disclosure: I was sent promotional product and screener from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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